Two Fantasy Anime Coming Winter 2019 We Have Our Eyes On Already

We are less than a month away from winter anime debuting and honestly, we are just about ready for it all. There is plenty to look forward to, but we want to go ahead and showcase some of the ones that we are already ready for. So today, we are looking into two shows that hold promise of some sort of a new world. A tale that has not be told yet (hopefully) that should leave us with a new, enjoyable story. Let’s go!

2. Dororo

  • Episodes: January 2019
  • Aired: Historical, Drama, Supernatural, Action

Dororo is actually a dark fantasy anime that was created by the great Tezuka Osamu. The story is, as almost all historical anime are, set in the Sengoku Jidai aka Warring States Era. Here, a man has a son who is born with a disabled body due to his prayers to twelve fierce gods for safety. This was the price. The man throws the child in a boat and sets it off down a river. Then one day, a new sort of human appears. His name is Hyakkimaru, he is blind, and instead of hands, he has swords? Angry at what the twelve gods have done to him, Hakkimaru is on the path to revenge. Oddly, even though he cannot see, he can sense others as flames in his mind’s eye.

This show seems almost out of step from the man who created Astro Boy, but hey, here we are. One look at the PV shows that this bizarre fantasy world has the action factor cranked up to 10 and honestly, we aren’t mad about it. It promises to be some sort of demon slayer anime and who knows? We might end up with another series as beloved as Drifters. We wait with baited breath for this one.

Dororo PV:

1. Endro~

  • Episodes: January 13 2019
  • Aired: Slice of Life, Adventure, Fantasy

“My name is Yuusha and I am unemployed.” Yuusha is a hero in a fantasy world where, as one normally does, charges into towns, enters people’s houses, and raids them for items they either need or need to sell at the shop. The problem is that she is not the main character; everyone is! Yuusha is joined by a saint, a warrior, and a mage who each have their own quirks and together they are going to fight against the Demon King who has revived! But the demon king is kinda cute... what does this mean for our heroes?

This show screams Gabriel DropOut to us. The Demon King is a little girl who ends up being the teacher for the heroes. Five bucks says that they can’t figure it out till later in the anime. The art is fluffy and soft, and while this may be a Slice of Life anime, we kinda like the journey it is taking us on in this fanciful world. It’s like watching a video game play out where the NPCs are kinda pissed you are taking things from their home. But… it’s for the main character, so it’s okay, right? Expect to have a couple laughs here and there.

Endro~ PV

Final Thoughts

That brings our quick rundown of just a few fantasy shows that we have our eyes on for Winter 2019 to an end. Truth be told, there are nine shows on air and we believe that many are worth checking out. If you want to know more, give this article a little love in the comments section and we will make another outlining a few more. What are your thoughts on these shows? Will you be watching them? Let us know below. Till next time!

005 Two Fantasy Anime Coming Winter 2019 We Have Our Eyes On Already


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