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Plan your moves carefully

Game Info: (Box Display)

  • System: PC, Android, iOS, Mac
  • Publisher: Devolver Digital
  • Developer: Diceroll Studios
  • Release Date: Mar 28, 2018

Who it Caters to

UO-1-Umiro-capture-560x315 Umiro - PC Review
Are you someone who loves testing your mental muscles? Umiro is a game that does this but with a simple design anyone can learn. Draw out your movements to reach specific points on a map and complete various puzzles while doing so. Plus, Umiro can be played on either the PC or various mobile devices! Like an indie puzzle game with beautiful art and music? Then continue reading to see what we thought of Umiro by developer Diceroll Studios!

What to Expect

UO-1-Umiro-capture-560x315 Umiro - PC Review
Umiro is a simple puzzle game that tests players through timing puzzles and various other challenges. Players will need to draw out their movements via lines with either a mouse or controller and reach crystal like objects to complete each level. While Umiro starts off simple, players will find more difficult puzzles as they begin to have to move not one, but two characters and solve puzzles that require coordinated movements. Umiro also tells of a story that will keep players vying to solve the puzzles and hope to reach the end for the great picture of what is happening in this strange world lacking in color. If you love puzzle games at affordable prices and want them to contain strong music and a whimsical narrative, then you’re going to like what you get in Umiro.


UO-1-Umiro-capture-560x315 Umiro - PC Review
Young Huey has woken up in a rather peculiar landscape with no memory of how or why he’s there. The only thing that seems to contain fragments of memories for Huey are strange crystals that seem to hold flashes of his past. Huey also discovers another person in this world named Satura who—like him—has no memories. The two will need to work together to see if they can find out what transpired to land them in this world. Equally, why their memories seem to point them towards knowing each other in another world…


UO-1-Umiro-capture-560x315 Umiro - PC Review
Publisher Devolver Digital is no stranger for finding beautiful indie titles and helping them get noticed. One of those said titles is a simple puzzle game called Umiro that was released in March 2018 for the PC, Android, Mac and iOS. Why is Umiro such a great puzzle game and how does it differ from the million other games like it on the marketplace? Glad you asked us here at Honey’s Anime. We plan on answering that question in our review of Umiro for the PC!

When we said earlier Umiro is a simple game, we weren’t kidding about that statement. Players take control of Huey initially—a second character is added several levels in called Satura—as they draw lines to reach crystal like objects on a map. Seems overly simple, doesn’t it? The beauty of that simplicity is how developer Diceroll Studios decided to challenge the players to learn careful planning and timing. You see folks, Umiro might just be about drawing lines to reach points, but the paths ahead of you are filled with various obstacles that will hinder your progress from being too simple.

In the beginning, Umiro only throws a few obstacles in front of you like moving black orbs that will kill you if you touch them. As Umiro continues into its 40 levels, more obstacles such as gas, switches, one-way doors and so on will be added to make your work a bit more difficult. Players will need to draw their lines and sometimes calculate how much time should be noted to avoid an orb floating into them or one of the two protagonists hitting a button ill timed, which will stop your progress in some way. Umiro never pushes players to get overly aggravated with plenty of options to redo moves, quick loads that avoid having to wait too long upon death and the ability to restart a map if you lock yourself in a bad loop…which trust us can happen. Players only need to reach all the red and blue crystals per level to move onto the next but getting the yellow ones equals a full level completion. If you’re striving to get 100% of the achievements, you’re going to have to do some work while playing Umiro.

In terms of graphics and music, Umiro is actually simple but equally very eloquent. The gameplay sections are colorful with simple stick-like figures representing the characters, but the cutscene art—which there are several of—are beautiful pieces of still art. The music in Umiro is also quite nice with tons of tracks to listen to. Never once did we lower the game volume of Umiro as it never got annoying or tedious to hear like some puzzle games are plagued with. Overall, Umiro isn’t the sharpest or most mind blowing game in terms of art, but it does some impressive feats nonetheless.

Honey's Gameplay Consensus:

UO-1-Umiro-capture-560x315 Umiro - PC Review
Umiro is a simple game but with a true penance for really working out those brain muscles while you play. As you get further into Umiro, the challenges only ever increase and for those who wish to 100% this title, you’re going to face off against some truly tough trials that are fair but still difficult. Umiro’s biggest appeal—outside the obvious puzzle element—is learning more about these two children and why they are trapped in this world which makes you want to keep pushing through to get a glimpse of the ending. There were times we did get frustrated at some of the later puzzles which truly were tough but even then, Umiro gave us that feeling of satisfaction once we beat a puzzle that made us retry a dozen or so times. Honestly, for the price of only $2.99, Umiro offers a lot and could easily pass as a more expensive indie game. Hats off to Diceroll Studios, Umiro is a game we honestly loved and felt well worth the price of admission.

Honey's Pros:

  • Simple but colorful art with impressive story art stills
  • Beautiful melodies that change quite frequently for levels
  • Extremely low price of only $2.99
  • 40 levels that will challenge you all the way through
  • Simple gameplay design that makes said challenge rewarding and not too hard to master

Honey's Cons:

  • Some puzzles can be a bit annoying

Honey's Final Verdict:

UO-1-Umiro-capture-560x315 Umiro - PC Review
Honestly folks, there isn’t much of a reason not to download Umiro to either your PC or mobile device. Umiro is fun, simple and also very challenging for those who love to be completionists. That being said, Umiro also has a nice story presented with beautiful art and truly riveting music from chapter 1 all the way to chapter 4. If you want a puzzle game that anyone can pick up and play, then we fully recommend downloading Umiro as soon as you can! What are your thoughts on Umiro based on either your own experiences or from reading our review? Let us know using the comments below as we always love hearing from you beautiful people out there. For more game reviews and gaming articles, be sure to get stuck to our hive here at Honey’s Anime.

UO-1-Umiro-capture-560x315 Umiro - PC Review


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