Under the Green Light - When Two Worlds Collide [Manhwa]

Who doesn’t like a story where a seemingly naive protagonist ends up catching the eye of a dangerous man? And what if that naive protagonist is a man too?! Sounds like we almost have the perfect story. All we need is some smutty action and we have a manhwa that will keep us hooked until the very end.

Under the Green Light is all of these things and more, with characters designed to attract the reader and a plot that turns darker with each chapter.

When Inspiration Strikes

Sometimes, even prodigies struggle to find something— or someone—that inspires them. Matthew, an art student specialized in sculptures, is in a slump and finding it hard to find the perfect model for his last sculpture. Since he has a scholarship, he has to make sure that his final work is more than impressive, but it doesn’t help that all of the teachers are eager to see what Matthew comes up with.

Luckily for Matthew, the perfect model for his sculpture shows up at the cafe where he works. Dazed by his beauty and determined to get that man to model for him, Matthew follows the guy to a museum. Acting on an impulse, Matthew asks him to become his model, but the man laughs at him, making Matthew run away, embarrassed. Although he refused to be Matthew’s model, Jin can’t help but feel curious about the artist, so he follows him to the bathroom... and things get a little bit out of control. Matthew ends up rubbing his parts against Jin’s! Will Jin change his mind about becoming Matthew’s model after this encounter?

Is This Art?

Sure enough, Jin can’t stop thinking about the aspiring artist after their encounter in that bathroom. The only excuse he can think of to see Matthew again is to become his model so, after thinking about that for a split second, Jin goes to the cafe to find him. After Jin tells him he’s going to model for his sculpture, Matthew takes him to his studio to start working on it. But again, things get out of hand…

Jin blindfolds Matthew and encourages him to touch his body however he wants. This is probably one of the sexiest scenes to ever be created, with Jin lying completely naked on a sofa while Matthew runs his hands up and down his body. The way both men are drawn is immaculate; the different expressions that denote lust, desire, and arousal are clearly identifiable. We don’t know if this method will be useful for Matthew to create a sculpture, but we can’t complain. This is definitely art, and we can’t thank Jaxx, the author, enough for this story!

Top or Bottom?

It’s no secret that whenever we start reading a BL story, there is one question we’re dying to find the answer to: who is the top and who is the bottom? Under the Green Light is a special manhwa because it tricks the reader into thinking the answer is pretty obvious when it’s not. It’s easy to imagine that Jin, being a mafia boss with a strong personality, would be the one in charge under the sheets. In fact, we see him having sex with a man before Matthew, and he’s the one thrusting deep into his partner’s hole.

But when it’s finally time for Jin and Matthew to have some sexy time, Jin gets ready to be penetrated. Maybe it’s because Jin is immediately aroused by the sight of Matthew’s big thing, or because the artist’s face is to his liking… Whatever the reason, we can’t complain. We’re not used to seeing a top become a bottom, but we’re here for it. We love a man who knows what he wants!

Final Thoughts

Waiting around for new chapters to come out is always tiring, especially when we know there’s more smut to come, but Under the Green Light is totally worth the wait. We’re already looking forward to all the juicy scenes between Jin and Matthew… and all the drama and suffering that the author will surely put us through.

under-the-green-light-splash Under the Green Light - When Two Worlds Collide [Manhwa]

Author: Yaz L.

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