Unexpectedly Sexy Boku no Hero Academia (My Hero Academia) Guys

My-Hero-Academia-wallpaper-952x500 Unexpectedly Sexy Boku no Hero Academia (My Hero Academia) Guys

The characters in My Hero Academia are varied and each is unique and quirky—hehe. With odd powers sometimes come oddly shaped faces and bodies and some powerful heroes might even look at first glance like they’re weak. While all the girls in BokuAca are either unquestionably cute or sexy and we can all agree that Bakugo is hot in more ways than one, we’ve been pleasantly surprised by how sexy we found some of the other guys when we saw a different side of them.

Now, without further ado, here are a few guys from My Hero Academia that turned out to be sexier than expected! (Note: Most of the scenes that made our hearts go dokidoki happened in season 4 so there are some spoilers).

-- Spoilers Ahead! --

4. Mirio Togata (Lemillion)

Clearly, we’re starting with the least surprising ones first. Mirio is descriptively attractive; he’s tall, strong, blonde and has blue eyes. But… with a face reminiscent of Vault Boy from the Fallout games, even those traditionally attractive features don’t really inspire any sighs when you first lay eyes on him. Though, when we get to know Mirio better and find out how positive and supportive he is and what his goals are in life, we can’t help but find him at least a bit cute. Then, we see him in his uniform and, bam! Vault-Million looks somehow sexier! (Though he looks pretty good in civilian clothes too.) But when we really started crushing on Lemillion was when we saw his passion and determination regarding saving Eiri and then making her smile. *swoon* We’re kinda secretly hoping they become an item once Eiri is old enough to date...

3. Dabi

If we know our fellow MHA fans, you’re not surprised to see Dabi here. However, most wouldn’t instinctively find this stitched up hot mess attractive at first glance. Covered in patches of seemingly burned skin that have been stapled to his regular skin, he wouldn’t make runner up in any contests. And yet, somehow, his features are sharp and well proportioned, his eyes are deep and a beautiful turquoise blue, he’s tall, lean, and most importantly, he’s full of confidence. It’s very likely that what draws us to this unexplainably sexy boy is his bad-boy attitude, piercings, and his intelligence. He’s that guy you don’t know why you’re into and your friends all say you should stay away from but you just can’t keep away, no matter how many times you get burned.

2. Mirai Sasaki (Sir Nighteye)

Tall, dark, serious, and always in a sharp suit, Sir Nighteye—intendedly—resembles a typical Japanese businessman more than a pro hero. That and his glasses may be enough for some to find him attractive, but then we get to know him better and find out he’s not as straight-laced as it seems! Sir Nighteye has a great sense of humor and the fact that he “punishes” those who don’t laugh or make him laugh is something we didn’t expect. Who doesn’t like a guy with a good sense of humor? And the fact that he’s basically an All Might fanboy just makes him more endearing. And then we get to see him in action when he faces off against Overhaul… with his shirt unbuttoned! Who would have imagined the tall, lanky-looking hero was absolutely ripped under that suit!? He’s strong, he’s smart, he’s selfless, and he’s definitely got the body to go with it all. Or… he did… We were really getting into Sir Nighteye just before tragedy struck. R.I.P. Sir Nighteye. You are missed.

1. Taishiro Toyomitsu (Fat Gum)

On the completely opposite side of the spectrum, we have Fat Gum. With the word Fat in his name, it’s not surprising that we don’t expect a lean, mean fighting machine, but what he actually looks like is more just a large, shapeless blob. Fat Gum kinda goes mostly unnoticed as just another nice-guy hero until we see him fight. Fat Gum’s power allows him to take a lot of hits without taking damage thanks to all the fat on his body, but attacking burns all that energy and he loses his mass, leaving him defenseless, and during the Shie Hassaki Raid, Fat Gum is pushed to his limits. With his suit ripped and torn and most of his stores depleted, we get to see the inner Fat Gum! Shaggy blonde hair, well-defined golden eyes chiseled jawline, and a well-toned upper body. Add to this his height and you got yourself a hottie! We have to say we were very pleasantly surprised. Besides his hidden hotness, though, Fat Gum is friendly, laid back, a great detective, and he is very supportive of the heroes in training. He’s a great catch! It’s just too bad we’d have to starve him to see him in that look more often… and we wouldn’t want to do that.

Final Thoughts

Of course, we shouldn’t be surprised that the heroes would be muscular regardless of their outside appearance, they do train and whatnot. But in the world of My Hero Academia, there are also quirks that can change the consistency and shape of one’s body or make muscles unnecessary so, under those uniforms, we never know what might lie!

Were you as surprised as we were to find these three heroes and villains attractive? Is there someone else you’d like to include here? Let us know in the comments below! Stay tuned to My Hero Academia and Honey’s Anime for more pleasant surprises!


My-Hero-Academia-wallpaper-952x500 Unexpectedly Sexy Boku no Hero Academia (My Hero Academia) Guys


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