Unhappy (Anne-Happy) - Anime Spring 2016

unhappy-Anne-Happy-dvd-300x424 Unhappy (Anne-Happy) - Anime Spring 2016

unhappy-Anne-Happy-dvd-300x424 Unhappy (Anne-Happy) - Anime Spring 2016

Unhappy (Anne-Happy)


Comedy, School, Slice of Life

Airing Date:
April 7 2016



This encouraging school life comedy is about pitiful girls today again attempting to be lively and upbeat. At Tennogofune Academy, the students assembled within class 1-7 are all burdened with unhappiness or better yet, “bad karma.” Unlucky Hanako, Disappointed in romance Hibari, ill health Botan, Directionally-challenged Hibiki and Ren who has terrible luck with anything and anyone female are together. They have to do something so that they can find “happiness” in their high school lives!

Characters & Voice Actors List

An Hanakoizumi (Hanako)

Voice Actor: Yumiri Hanamori

Hanako’s unhappiness is her bad luck. In every single facet of her life, Hanako has bad luck. She is a bit of troublemaker. However, she doesn’t let her bad luck get her down and she is actually quite positive. She loves animals though animals hate her. She is a bit worried about her lack of a chest.

Ruri Hibarigaoka (Hibari)

Voice Actor: Haruka Shiraishi

Hibari’s unhappiness is her constant disappointment in romance. She likes to take care of others, but some sort of calamity always befalls her. Hibari is confronted with many unhappy encounters. She has had feelings for a “certain person” for an extremely long time, however, Hibari has ever once had her feelings returned. Both of Hibari’s parents are currently starting new jobs abroad so she lives alone and is very skilled at cooking.

Botan Kumegawa (Botan)

Voice Actor: Kiyono Yasuno

Botan’s unhappiness is her constant state of poor health. Her body is so weak that a simple handshake is enough to give her a fracture. Her father is a pharmacist, so Botan is well versed in medicine. She is injured so often to the point that it is daily, that she is her own personal use emergency room. Botan is an Ojou-type with a calm demeanor and a smile, but when it comes to herself, she is extremely negative.

Hibiki Hagyuu (Hibiki)

Voice Actor: Hibiku Yamamura

Hibiki’s unhappiness is her bad sense of direction. In fact, it’s so bad, she takes three hours just to get to school because she gets lost! She loves her childhood best friend Ren and coming in first at things the best. She hates losing more than anything so she cannot even accept her directionally challenged self. If anything female gets close to Ren, it especially fuels her hostility.

Ren Ekoda (Ren)

Voice Actor: Mayu Yoshioka

Ren’s unhappiness is her difficulty with anything female. Ren is a girl however, she has horrible horrible luck with anything female. Without fail, anything and everything that is female, be it animal or human, are all attracted to her. Hibiki is her childhood best friend and Ren serves the role of the straight man. She seems to be really out of it sometimes and she wears a bored expression. Anytime she gets the chance, Ren will take a nap.

Promotional Videos / PV

Other TitleAnne-Happy, Unhappy Go Lucky!, Unhappy♪,あんハピ♪
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Theme Songs
  • Opening Song: PUNCH☆MIND☆HAPPINESS by Happy Clover
  • Ending Song: Ashtia de ii kara by Happy Clover

Main Staff
  • Original Creator: Cotoji
  • Director: Shin Oonuma
  • Series Composition: Hitoshi Tanaka
  • Character Design: Miwa Ooshima
  • Animation Director: Miwa Ooshima

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