Visual Prison

Visual Prison

Music, Supernatural, Vampire

Airing Date:
October 8, 2021

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Vampires... Highly intelligent, hauntingly beautiful beings capable of living until the end of time. Residing in the shadows, their love of music and song has given rise to many styles over the centuries. Many people have become fanatical about their creations without any idea most of the artists they love are not human. The heavy-makeup, heavy metal style known as “Visual Kei” was one such creation.

...Present day. Vampires descend on Tokyo’s Harajuku district for the “Visual Prison” Fest held once a year beneath the “Crimson Moon”.

With their abilities heightened by the Crimson Moon, the vampires erect a barrier called a “prison”, construct a stage within, and enchant audiences with sensational performances. The “most beautiful song” is dedicated to the Crimson Moon on that October day every year, granting the artist immense power.

The vampires gather in Harajuku: some to make their dreams a reality, others to bring their music to life, and still others for the sake of the one they love. Their motives may differ, but they all take the stage to serenade a miracle into a melody...

Characters & Voice Actors

Visual-Prison-KV2 Visual Prison
Ange Yuki: Shouya Chiba

“I want to sing, as you do...” A slightly clumsy yet determined young man at the center of the story. An outcast in his own hometown, he comes to Harajuku in search of something more. Ange has loved music since infancy and idolizes ECLIPSE’s original frontman, Gil. He unconsciously curries favor in others in his quest to discover the true essence of everything.
Visual-Prison-KV2 Visual Prison
Guiltia Brion: Makoto Furukawa

“My inspiration has run dry...” Known by his stage name, Gil, he was once part of the legendary unit that took the world of music by storm, “ECLIPSE”. However, he dwells far from the limelight nowadays. Cool and logical, his tendency to leave much unsaid often begets misunderstandings. He is unaware of it, though.
Visual-Prison-KV2 Visual Prison
Eve Louise: Hiroki Nanami

“You’ll die of a ruptured heart...” Eve recognizes Gil’s value as well as lives with him. She is soft spoken and kind-hearted. Though dependable, all this time living away from society has left her clueless about the latest trends and slightly naive. Gil’s fresh-brewed coffee is her favorite.
Visual-Prison-KV2 Visual Prison
Robin Raffite: Shun Horie

“I only chose what is most important.” A celebrated vocalist who “sang with the voice of an angel” when he worked in the realm of classical music as a child. Now, he is a prodigy who goes wherever inspiration takes him. Although innocent and able to get along with anyone, he can be surprisingly possessive. Robin is quick to pick up on any changing trends and loves anything with sugar.

Theme Songs
  • Opening Song: "Zankoku Shangri-La" by O★Z
  • Ending Song: "BLOODY KISS" by LOS†EDEN
Main Staff
  • Original Creator: Hiroyasu Uematsu / Afredes
  • Director: Tomoya Tanaka
  • Series Composition: Yukie Sugawara
  • Character Design: Minako Shiba
  • Sound Director: Tetsu Motoyama
  • Original Illustrator: Ikumi Katagiri
  • Music: Elements Garden
  • General Director: Joji Furuta

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