Wagamama High Spec - Anime Spring 2016

wagamama-high-spec-visual Wagamama High Spec - Anime Spring 2016

wagamama-high-spec-visual Wagamama High Spec - Anime Spring 2016

Wagamama High Spec


Harem, Ecchi, School life

Airing Date:
April 11 2016



While being a student, the main character, Kouki Narumi is also writing an erotic love comedy in the form of a manga that is published weekly. No one knows about his secret double life other than his younger sister Toa and her friend Mihiro.

One day though, he is summoned to the Student Council room by the student body president, Kaoruko Rokuonji. There, she reveals that she is the people who is drawing the illustrations for his manga. Coincidentally, she has been searching for male members for the student council. So, she forces him to join the student council and she will guard his secret. So Kouki agrees to join and Kaoruko promises to keep his secret safe.

However, Ashe who knows nothing of the deal and is the vice president, is vehemently against him joining. Finally, in the middle of this, requests begin to flood in from the students causing all kinds of trouble.

This anime will focus on an aspect the game didn't cover - the girls' school council activities!

Characters & Voice Actors List

Kaoruko Rokuonji

Voice Actor: Mariko Honda

She is the perfect student council president but she is also has an established reputation as an erotic illustrator and manga artist. As a third year student at the school, she is the student council president.

Ashe R Sakuragi

Voice Actor: Megu Sakuragawa

Ashe is a serious student and detests losing. She is the tsundere student council vice president who has her eyes on becoming a composer. She is in the same grade as the main character.

Toa Narumi

Voice Actor: Mai Gotou

Toa is a genius programmer. She wants to make money easily. Toa is a good-for-nothing hikikomori younger sister, and is one grade below the main character. She enjoys being lazy and she doesn’t like having to start new things.. Sunlight is her enemy.

Mihiro Miyase

Voice Actor: Osaki Chiyo

Mihiro is superior when it comes to cooking, but she’s a bit of a demon as a kouhai. As she is one year below the main character, she is also best friends with Toa. She is the daughter of a long-standing western style restaurant.

Promotional Videos / PV

Other TitleSelfish High Spec
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Theme Songs
  • Opening Song: N/A
  • Ending Song: High Spec Days by Haruna Ooshima

Main Staff
  • Original Creator: Madosoft
  • Director: Satoshi Shimizu
  • Series Composition: Koujirou Nakamura

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