Walkure Announce 2nd Live Show!

Walkure-Official-Site-Image-560x361 Walkure Announce 2nd Live Show!

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  • Macross Delta as a franchise seems to be doing well when it comes to just about anything these days. The singles all chart well on the music chart, the dvd sales are good from a dedicated base, and they tend to do very well on our weekly streaming chart. Truth be told, getting a two cours adapatation has helped it as well as most shows that only get one cours do not do as well on average.
  • When Macoss Delta hit the airwaves way back in April, it was not on our screens for a month when they announced that the seiyuu who perform as Freyja, Mikumo, Kaname, Reina, and Makina would be putting on a Walkure live show across Japan. Well, now with the second album slated to come out in about two and a half weeks, they have announced their next live performance slated for January 29th 2017 in Yokohama!
  • Don't feel like registering online for the tickets? Buy the upcoming album, Walkure Trap! or the upcoming DVD and a ticket form will be in there! You just need to pay for it of course... With the treat of this information, they have also released a PV featuring clips from all of the songs of the second album. Check out the sampling video below and be sure to check out Walkure Trap! on September 28th.

Source: Yaraon

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Walkure's first album sold over 100000 copies. This concert is going to be a boodbath getting into.
This is going to crush any Re:Zero news.
Everyone loves Walkure because JUNNA(Mikumo's Singing Seiyuu) is a genius.
I want to go!!!!
This is going to cost me so much money....

Walkure-Official-Site-Image-560x361 Walkure Announce 2nd Live Show!
Walkure-Official-Site-Image-560x361 Walkure Announce 2nd Live Show!
I want to see them do Zettai Reido Novatic over that song. I really like it! That and Hametsu no Junjou!

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