Want to Win a Trip to Japan? KLab Games Station Kicks Off Reporter Contest 2018 with a Free Trip to Japan as Grand Prize!

KLabGames-Reporter-Contest-560x213 Want to Win a Trip to Japan? KLab Games Station Kicks Off Reporter Contest 2018 with a Free Trip to Japan as Grand Prize!

What You Need to Know:

  • Have you ever wondered what Japan truly is like? We're not talking about all of those YouTube vlogs that don't really give you a true sense of the culture, we mean actually coming here and experiencing it hands on! If your curiousity has peaked and you're looking for a way to experience Japan, well the team at KLab Games Station has a sweet contest that may entice you.
  • KLab Games Station (“KGS”) will hold a special contest entitled the KLab Games Station Reporter Contest 2018 (“#KGSReporter2018 Contest”). Following on the heels of last year’s successful event, this year’s contest calls for game fans around the world to submit their bid to become an official reporter for KLab Games Station during TOKYO GAME SHOW 2018 (September 20-23). To enter, applicants are asked to upload a 60-second video to YouTube using the hashtag #KGSReporter2018, and also to fill out the entry form.
  • This awesome contest runs until August 13, 2018 (UTC+9), and will feature prizes for up to two winners that include a free trip to Japan complete with hotel accommodations and daily allowance. Winners will receive the opportunity to work as official KGS reporters at TOKYO GAME SHOW 2018, one of the largest and most prominent annual trade shows in the world for video game developers. For more contest details on how to enter be sure to scroll down below or check out the official website!

Source: Official Press Release

Prize Details

Two winners will receive the following:

  • A free trip to Japan from Wednesday, September 19 to Monday, September 24 (UTC+9) complete with hotel accommodations and daily allowance
  • An appearance on the TOKYO GAME SHOW 2018 episodes of KLab Games Station
  • A guest appearance in the new ending video for KLab Games Station
  • An appearance as a pixel character in the new opening video for KLab Games Station
  • How to Apply

    Those interested in entering the contest are asked to simply upload a video to YouTube with the hashtag “#KGSReporter2018” in the title expressing their love for any game (or games!) published by KLabGames by the deadline: Monday, August 13, 2018 (UTC+9).

  • Create a video (max length: 60 seconds) about your love for any of our games and upload it to your YouTube channel. (Please use the English language as your main language in this video.)
  • Clearly state your name and country in the beginning of your video. (Nicknames are allowed.)
  • Add the “#KGSReporter2018” hashtag to the title of your entry video on YouTube.
  • Write in the necessary info on the form HERE to officially enter!
  • Ready to Apply? Watch This Video First

    KLab Games Station Reporter Contest 2018!

    KGS released a video calling for applicants from around the globe to submit their bid to win a free trip to Japan. Up to two winners will be chosen. These winners will work side by side with the KLab Games Station team to bring the latest gaming news to KLab Games Station’s audience via the #KGSReporter Contest.

    #KGSReporter Contest Terms and Conditions

    By applying to the KLab Games Station Reporter Contest ("#KGSReporter Contest") I agree to the below terms. Sending a contest submission will be a sign of agreement to these terms.

    1. Contestants must be 20 years of age or above.

    2.The contest is as stated below:

    Following details outlined by KLab, contestants will be free to upload their submission to YouTube. KLab will then judge entries, select winners, and invite them to come to Japan.
    Uploading a video without the appropriate hash tag in the title will not count as a submission.

    3. The video must fulfill the requirements below:

  • Must provide information that has been requested by KLab (first name* and country). * Nickname or online handle name is also acceptable.
  • Must be submitted by entry form between August 2, 2018 – August 13, 2018 (UTC+9).
  • Must not violate the property of a third party.
  • Must not use elements of an IP besides the ones specified by KLab.
  • Videos must have a minimum resolution of 480 pixels by 360 pixels.
  • 4. Videos must be in accordance to the terms below:

  • Must be created within the limits of the law and must not promote unlawful activity.
  • Must not contain a third party’s personal information, or information that infringes on a third party’s privacy.
  • Must not contain explicit nudity or sexual content.
  • Must not present KLab’s games, the games’ characters, or the image of the company or its games in a light that appears damaging to the properties.
  • Must not defame a third party, nor may it contain racial slurs, any propagating of intolerance, or be made to inflict emotional damage onto an individual.
  • 5. If a violation of these rules has been detected, the entry will be void.

    6. The winner of this contest must agree to the following:

  • The video may be shown by KLab at events.
  • The original video should be made available upon request.
  • The winner agrees to come to Japan based on a timeline decided by KLab.
  • The winner agrees to bear the burden of the costs of anything besides the plane fee, hotel fee, and the transportation between the airport in Japan and the hotel in Japan.
  • The winner agrees to register via TGS2018 press registration prior to the show.
  • The winner agrees to give a report at TOKYO GAME SHOW 2018 (“TGS 2018”).
  • The winner agrees that if they cannot attend TGS 2018 due to a scheduling conflict, the contest prize trip will be void.
  • The winner must be in possession of a passport, and must be able to successfully acquire a Japanese tourist visa.
  • The winner must be able to apply for a Japanese tourist visa by themselves if application is necessary.
  • The winner must have a basic command of English.
  • The winner must be able to prove their address and be able to provide self-identification materials.
  • The winner must agree to the contents of the Consent and Release Agreement.
  • 7. The entrant must ensure the following:

    The entry does not infringe on the rights of a third party.

    8. In the event that TGS 2018 is canceled, the contest prize of a trip to Japan will become void.

    9. Except in the case of extreme negligence on behalf of KLab, KLab will bear no responsibility.

    10. This contest is subject to the legal jurisdiction of Japan.

    KLabGames-Reporter-Contest-560x213 Want to Win a Trip to Japan? KLab Games Station Kicks Off Reporter Contest 2018 with a Free Trip to Japan as Grand Prize!
    A trip to Japan AND Tokyo Game Show as a reporter?! Ok this one is sure to grab a lot of attention!
    KLabGames-Reporter-Contest-560x213 Want to Win a Trip to Japan? KLab Games Station Kicks Off Reporter Contest 2018 with a Free Trip to Japan as Grand Prize!
    Two lucky people out there will get the chance to live their dream in Japan!

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