Warau Salesman NEW - Spring 2017

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Warau Salesman NEW

Comedy, Drama, Seinen

Airing Date:
April 3 2017

TMS Entertainment

Honey’s Highlights

bee-happy1 Warau Salesman NEW - Spring 2017
Okay so this is a reboot of a series that aried in the last 1980s to early 1990s.
bee-happy1 Warau Salesman NEW - Spring 2017
Oh he grants wishes like a fairy godmother! I can get past his creepy exterior then in that case!
bee-happy1 Warau Salesman NEW - Spring 2017
Except for the part where if the person does not follow his conditions, they face dire consequences. He gives them help with a condition attached. This sounds like Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku or Madoka Magica. This is going to be daaaaaark.
bee-happy1 Warau Salesman NEW - Spring 2017
Eeek! I'm out. Nothing scary for me.

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My name is Fukuzou Moguro, but people call me the laughing salesman. However, I am not your average salesman. You see, the products I deal with are hearts. When I say that, I mean human hearts.

You see, in this world, there are nothing but people with sad hearts whether they be old, young, male, female, or anything inbetween. So what I do, is I am here to fill the holes in the hearts of everyone.

Oh no, I could not possibly ask for a single cent of money. My payment is seeing the satisfaction of my customers. Now then, I wonder what today’s customer is going to be like?

Three Episode Impression

Warau Salesman NEW is the surprise of the season. With its creepy and old art style, I considered dropping the anime on the spot, but it’s been quite an interesting anime to say the least. As a seinen anime, Warau Salesman NEW plays off of the dreams people have and what happens when you try to achieve your dream without the hard work. There was that one girl who felt better after buying a lot of things. Or that one man who wanted to spend all of his time with trains and not working. Don’t we all have these fantasies? Don’t we all want to give up a practical life in favor of indulging in what we love? Well, the Warau Salesman gives it to you and shows you just what happens if you do. It’s so perfectly seinen with all of its disillusionment and more. The artwork may be simple, but the ideas are more complex than you think.

Characters & Voice Actors List

Fukuzou Moguro

Voice Actor: Tesshou Genda

Fukuzou is a mystery man covered in all black. He is a strange salesman who fills the holes in the hearts of his customers. He does not take a single cent of payment and grants the wishes of people with lonely, sad hearts.


Voice Actor: No Voice Actor

Master is the owner of a bar called ‘BAR Ma no Ten’ that Fukuzou goes to often. He does not speak, but rather is always silently polishing glasses.

Theme Songs
  • Opening Song: Don’t by NakamuraEmi
  • Ending Song: Don! Yararechatta Fushi by Junji Takada

Main Staff
  • Original Creator: Fujiko Fujio (A)
  • Director: Hirofumi Ogura
  • Script: Naohiro Fukushima, Asami Ishikawa, Midori Natsu
  • Character Design: Fujio Suzuki
  • Animation Director: Fujio Suzuki
  • Sound Director: Kouichi Iizuka
  • Music: Kouhei Tanaka

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