Warframe Launches New Harrow Warframe, Graphic Overhaul and More!

smallHarrow-KeyArt_Logo_1080p Warframe Launches New Harrow Warframe, Graphic Overhaul and More!

What You Need to Know:

  • Digital Extremes' newest Warframe® update "Chains of Harrow" officially arrives on PC introducing "Harrow," a menacing new Warframe who wields priest-style powers and offers a terrifying new, lore-based quest.
  • Along with the new update, the start of a planned graphical overhaul of the Solar System beginning with Earth, Dubbed "Earth Remastered," the newly enhanced Earth -- powered by Digital Extremes' proprietary Evolution Engine -- turns the formerly good-looking planet into a stunningly lush, beautifully lit, organically structured environment.
  • Chains of Harrow is loaded with additional content -- from new enemies and weapons to new cosmetics, Captura tiles, an Octavia Instrument Pack, and more. Chains of Harrow is officially out for PC but will see a console release very soon. Visit the official website, Twitch, or follow Twitter for more details. We'll list all of the new features that come packaged with the update down below!

Source: Official Press Release

Key Features

smallHarrow-KeyArt_Logo_1080p Warframe Launches New Harrow Warframe, Graphic Overhaul and More!

Play as Harrow: Harness the power of the Void to bolster allies' defenses and amplify their lethality with Lotus' newest Warrior, Harrow, using four deadly abilities:

Condemn – Cast a wave of energy that chains them where they stand. Each enemy held reinforces Harrow's shields.

Penance – Sacrifice shields to boost reload, and fire rate while converting damage inflicted on enemies into health for Harrow and nearby allies.

Thurible – Channel Harrow's energy into the Thurible to generate a buff. The more energy channeled, the longer the buff will last. Once finished, kill enemies to bestow nearby allies with bursts of energy. Headshots produce extra energy.

Covenant – Protect nearby allies with an energy force that absorbs all damage and converts it to a Critical Chance bonus for all those under the Covenant. Headshots are amplified even further.

Take the Quest: A disturbing transmission from Red Veil's spiritual medium leads to an abandoned Steel Meridian vessel adrift on the outskirts of Earth. Inside, strange whispers echo throughout the lifeless vessel. What force unleashed this evil and how can it be stopped? (The Chains of Harrow Quest will appear in the Codex for those who have completed The War Within and unlocked Mot in the Void.)

Earth Remastered: Experience Earth like never before with the beautifully remastered Earth environments. Clash with Grineer amidst luscious vegetation and envelope your Warframe in the naturalistic lighting and a remastered soundscape. Visit any of the Earth Terrain Missions to experience this stunning overhaul.

New Grineer Enemy: Nox is a new enemy that is part of the Elite Chem Strike Unit. Nox wields a toxin-filled heavy gun that shoots blobs of toxic goo that attach themselves to targets before exploding. Take out these gruesome enemies by shooting their glass helmets and exposing their deteriorating skin. Beware of their final moments, as they explode into a lethal cloud.

New Weapons:

Knell (pistol): Ring the death knell. Every headshot from this scoped pistol increases Critical Chance for a short period.
Scourge (spear): Blast targets with corrosive plasma projectiles, or toss the scepter to inflict nearby enemies with an energy field that amplifies their brain waves to attract bullets.

New Syandana: A "priestly" addition, the Nave Syandana completes Harrow's iconic look.

And More: Check out the new Captura Tiles (Forest tiles), Octavia's Anthem-related Instrument Pack (Corpus & Grineer Packs), Glaive and Melee Rework (all melee throwing weapons can be used concurrently with secondary weapons), Alt-Helm, new Riven Mods for Melee Weapons, and more.

Official Trailer

Warframe Profile - Harrow

Event Information

Chains of Harrow comes just before the development team hosts Warframe fans from around the world at the second annual TennoCon on Saturday, July 8 in London, Ontario, Canada. Tickets are nearly sold out but still available at Warframe.com/tennocon and for those unable to attend, viewers can tune into twitch.tv/warframe to watch the biggest reveal of the year coming to Warframe during TennoLive starting at 3 pm PST/ 6 pm EST on Saturday, July 8.

smallHarrow-KeyArt_Logo_1080p Warframe Launches New Harrow Warframe, Graphic Overhaul and More!
I've had such a blast with Warframe because despite it being free, there's so much in game content that keeps you coming back for more.
smallHarrow-KeyArt_Logo_1080p Warframe Launches New Harrow Warframe, Graphic Overhaul and More!
I may need to sign up and try this one out. I've been playing too much Ghost in the Shell recently, so it's time for a break.

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