We Have to Get Inside Before Sunset - The Kingdom of the Gods Vol. 1

The-Kingdom-of-the-Gods-manga-wallpaper-700x368 We Have to Get Inside Before Sunset - The Kingdom of the Gods Vol. 1

The Smell of… Blood?

  • Mangaka : Eun-hee Kim (Original Concept), In-Wan Youn (Story), Kyung-Il Yang (Art)
  • Publisher : VIZ
  • Genre : Action, Adventure, Horror, Thriller
  • Published : May 2020 - Ongoing

Contains Spoilers

The Kingdom of the Gods Introduction (No Spoilers)

Wars and famine are more than enough to reduce Joseon into ashes. The young Prince Yi Moon has lost all his bodyguards to an assassination attempt and decides to hire a mountain bandit Jae-ha as his personal bodyguard with a request to escort him to Jiyulheon. As the two went in search of sanctuary, humans aren’t the only thing they should be concern.

Discussion Time

Welcome to Joseon. This may not be the right time for you to visit this country. Why? For starters, we have bandits, poverty, cannibals, and… ah, yes, man-eating zombies. So, if you’re ever in a predicament from one of these, don’t expect us to save you and make sure you have a weapon or two at the ready, or poison, if you want to take the easy way out.

Okay, real talk, the volume 1 of this manga sort of reminds us of The Book of Eli and Zombieland. Anyway, time for a review!

Why You Should Read The Kingdom of the Gods?

1. Artwork

The art style of the manga looks extremely realistic that you can feel the horror and intensity drawn from their expressions and surroundings. The buildings, mountains and surroundings held Korea’s old history. The action scenes and effects brought so much impact to their words and movements. You might want a toilet break before reading this if you are not a big fan of horror.

2. Trust No One

We know this may sound cliché, but come on, we are living in a zombie apocalypse where most of the people are dead by now. Someone is going to say it, right? The choices made by the characters can be difficult enough when it comes to morale reasons and they must bear heavy consequences.

With the state like this, you will bound to meet all kinds of crazy people, or kind people, if you’re that lucky. The survival concept does give us a new perspective or build awareness to us when it comes to our surroundings and the people we talk to. Most importantly, how to outrun the zombies with in your surroundings and creative weapons we can use.

Why You Should Skip The Kingdom of the Gods?

1. Not Related to the Show in Netflix

To people who are huge fans of the life-action drama of this manga, shown on Netflix, please don’t expect this manga to be the same as both mediums have their own set of stories. But if you have no issue with that then feel free to delve into the manga.

Final Thoughts

The interesting part of this manga is that it depicts a story of how a mercenary escort’s a young prince to safety in a post-apocalyptic world that is also a historical setting and has zombies roaming. We think this unique setting and plot makes for a great read and you support the original creators of The Kingdom of the Gods, why not give this manga a go?

The-Kingdom-of-the-Gods-manga-wallpaper-700x368 We Have to Get Inside Before Sunset - The Kingdom of the Gods Vol. 1


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