We Live in a Mundane Life—I Love You So Much, I Hate You

Why Have I Not Noticed Such An Easy And Simple Thing?
  • Mangaka : Yuni
  • Publisher : Yen Press
  • Genre : Drama, Romance
  • Published : August 2020

I Love You So Much I Hate You Introduction

Saori Fujimura and her boss, Ayako Asano, are exceptional in their job as partners. Outside of work, however, they were more than just colleagues by having an affair together. A feeling of having a dilemma slowly begins to rise between Ayako and her husband and Saori’s romantic feelings toward Ayako. What is it that these two women seek?

Contains Spoilers

Discussion Time

Warning, this manga contains explicit content. You have been warned. Two office ladies, who excel in their line of work rarely any issues, well respected by many within the company, have an affair with each other outside of work? We smell Yuri. The story is about how Ayako and Saori go through with the decisions and difficulties they encountered in this specific. The artwork is clean, simple, and not overwhelming so we could focus on how the main characters feel.

Why You Should Read I Love You So Much I Hate You

1. Unreciprocated Love

Most of us can relate the experience and story behind I Love You So Much I Hate You manga. In Saori’s case, throughout her life, she had experienced many rejections, be it directly or indirectly, from her crushes, and all of them are women. She had the beauty and intelligence that would attract any other men easily, but deep down, she didn’t feel anything special between herself and any men she had met so far.

Just like Ayako, she is hardworking and relentless when it comes to work, making sure everything is done smoothly and professionally even though she is new to the job. Still, her passion and drive could never be questioned. That motivation and a little background of her life can be related not only to readers who have been through unrequited love but also the people who just got into the industrial workforce, fresh from university, college, or even high school.

2. The Sense of Identity

Real talk. How many of you ever feel like you were forced… Well, somewhere along there, expected to be someone else or creating results that don’t really define who you really are? Take Ayako for an example, even if she had done her job well without any drama, but deep inside, she was feeling stress from her career, and that applies to anyone no matter how skillful they are.

It is not just the job, it is also her husband, who might be cheating on her judging from all the things they had gone through and the timing of his “busy schedule.” Did her husband really cheat on her? We don’t know much about his circumstances as the manga only depicts both of the perspectives of the main characters, so it won’t be enough to make a solid judgment without further information.

Back to the topic, Ayako soon learns more about herself as she spends quality time with Saori. Between her husband and Saori, she feels genuine love and happiness that she had never experience before. She no longer feels any love from her husband and vice versa. Saori becomes someone she could, for once, lean against her, embrace her warmth, and most importantly, be herself.

3. Artwork

The character designs are clean and simple, aiming to not overwhelm readers with backgrounds and focus on the actions and feelings during interactions between the main characters. For the scenes that we wouldn’t want to delve into it, don’t worry, they were not something mess up, we will leave them to your imaginations.

Why You Should Skip I Love You So Much I Hate You

1. Morals

This manga talks about characters cheating their lovers or husband or wife, which can be uncomfortable to some readers. It may be evident to some people, but might as well point it out, cheating is not cool and if you’re not comfortable or feel anything special between you and your lover, break it off unless both of you could settle it without any drama and keep it clean. You have to reason for the best of yourself and your partner, and it is a collective responsibility.

Final Thoughts

Reading I Love You So Much I Hate You manga is an enjoyable experience to read. The rejections whenever we confess our feelings to our crushes, questioning ourselves whether the decisions we took defines who we really are, the clean artwork to focus and appreciate the characters’ interactions. The emotions the characters carried and how they develop as a person are realistic. There is a topic of cheating implemented in the manga which can be uncomfortable to some people, but please remember, for the couples, understand and learn context. As for onlookers, you can intervene, but it will make the situation worse. Second-hand information doesn’t mix well in any circumstances.

It couldn’t be helped. We human beings have opinions of our own whenever a case, scene, or rumors reached our peripherals or ears. It is a natural behavior. But before we jump into a conclusion, we should always be asking ourselves, “What do you know about it? Were you there when it all happens?” There are scenes where workers think lowly on a person who is having an affair with their superior. Yes, it is considered immoral and unprofessional in the workplace, but to what extent? It is all about the context, and it is up to them to decide what they want to do with their lives. Sometimes, the best way for them to learn their lessons is to let them go through that route and experience the results for themselves.

On that note, if you’re looking for a beautiful Yuri office setting romance with complications and dilemmas and possess of resistance to be yourself, give this manga a read. It may be worthwhile for you to learn the reality for quite a bit.

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