We Need More Operation: Tango Missions, Please!

operation_tango_splash We Need More Operation: Tango Missions, Please!

There's a lack of good co-op games that aren't first-person shooters or MMORPG, but even those are running out of ideas, apparently. On the other hand, in the last few years, we've seen some developers pushing cooperative-only experiences like A Way Out or It Takes Two, for example, both games by Josef Fares. This time, it's time to talk about another cooperative-only game, but one that focuses more on communication than feelings. Keep reading to learn more about Operation: Tango!

You Can't Dance Tango Alone

In this video game, 2 players take the roles of a skilled hacker and a deadly spy that would put James Bond to shame. As you can already imagine, the hacker player will be the one leading the way and finding secure entrances and routes, whereas the other player will be the one doing the dirty work. Still, both parts are equally fun and important, so you'll have fun with Operation: Tango regardless of your role on this adventure.

Unlike other online games, in this one, the use of a microphone is not only vital but obligatory, so you better take this seriously and practice your communication skills. If you get mad at your partner for their poor ability to solve puzzles, you're both doomed!

"I'm In"

Don't expect the hacker to always lead the way or the other agent to follow commands. As you explore a building, both players will find clues to help each other, like an IP address or password to crack a code or a button you need to press. In our experience, an Operation: Tango session is not finished until both players have completed the game playing each role, but feel free to play the part that excites you more. After all, it's just a game, so make sure to have fun and try not to argue with your partner as you try to describe something they need but can't see!

Operation: Tango comes with 6 missions that take you all around the world, from Japan to Argentina. That's okay from a gameplay point of you, meaning that a full playthrough will take you around 5 hours to complete and you won't need to spend days trying to match your schedule with a friend's just to continue the story. Sadly, that also makes this fantastic game too short!

We Need More Content, Please!

operation_tango_splash We Need More Operation: Tango Missions, Please!

One of the best things about Operation: Tango is that, even though you need a second player to start a session, matchmaking is easy thanks to the game's Discord server. In fact, you don't even need a second copy of the game! If you already bought it, any of your friends can join you for free, another thing that could extend the game's life if you're willing to replay the game just to give all your friends a try. After all, regardless of all missions always playing out the same way, it could be fun to try different people and test their speaking skills—or just use Operation: Tango to bond with someone!

Now the game is available on Xbox consoles, too (it was released last month on PC and PlayStation 4 and 5), we think it would be nice to have some new DLC missions. We're sure all those who already played it will agree with us and be eager to play a few more hours of this spy adventure! Storywise, it shouldn't that hard to assign a team of spies a few new missions, right??

Final Thoughts

If you have a chance to play Operation: Tango, do yourself a favor and give it a try! It's an innovative game that combines platforming, point-and-click mechanics, and several puzzles to solve. However, the difficulty comes from the need for cooperation and not so much from the puzzles themselves. And remember, you don't even need to buy it as long as one of your friends owns a copy!

operation_tango_splash We Need More Operation: Tango Missions, Please!


Author: Rod Locksley

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