We Tried Some Anime-Themed Games in Core... Were They Good?

core_platform_splash We Tried Some Anime-Themed Games in Core... Were They Good?

Anime games are everywhere nowadays, and that's something you'll especially notice when browsing indie titles. Maybe it's easier to create assets for these? Maybe anime characters are more appealing? Be it as it may, our search for new—at least "new" for us—anime games took us to Core Games, a platform full of indie projects and people willing to play them. Keep reading to see what we could find!

What's Core Games?

Core is a fairly new platform that just launched a couple of months ago (well, it launched in 2020 if we count the Beta), so maybe that's why you never heard of it. It's a creation of Manticore Games, and it basically works as a hub where you can meet and talk to other people while browsing literally dozens of free indie arcade games. Once you download the app and register your account, your Fortnite-inspired character is ready to explore the Core World and find new friends to play with. You can chat with random people and ask for recommendations, you can play the featured games you'll see on the big screens adorning the place, or just hit the Escape button on your keyboard for a more Steam-like approach and just use the search bar.

It's worth mentioning that all games you see are created and uploaded by the community, so beware of the quality of most of them and, above all—just like happens with Roblox—don't let little kids explore Core alone... it may seem friendly and colorful, but you can't trust the internet.

My Clicker Heroes Academia

core_platform_splash We Tried Some Anime-Themed Games in Core... Were They Good?

One of the first games we tried was based on My Hero Academia... which is odd because we all know how copyright works. This game, simply titled Hero Academia, is a Heroes vs Villains multiplayer game where you create your character, train and do quests to become stronger, and then take on harder enemies and trials; rinse and repeat. Oh, but even if the cover art features low-budget illustrations of Deku, All Might and company, these characters are —of course—nowhere to be seen. Okay, that's just a wild guess considering copyright, because we got bored before finding any relevant character.

Once you join the server, your goal is to become stronger by training at the gym. That's when you realize this game is nothing but an incremental game where you smash the click button to punch a bag and earn experience points. At first, we were surprised to see a level 350 character standing next to us, but soon after we realized everyone on the chat was talking about using scripts to train while they sleep or do other, probably more fun things with their lives. Once you start earning money you can buy tickets for a spin, and that's how you change your quirk. If you like My Hero Academia and are okay with clicker games, then you might like this one. It's definitely not our cup of tea, but it has over 13 thousand likes, so...

Attack on the Same Formula

core_platform_splash We Tried Some Anime-Themed Games in Core... Were They Good?

The next game we tried was Titan Attack, a bootleg version of—you guessed it—Attack on Titan. In this one, you create a character that quickly joins one of the regiments and leaves the comfort of the walls to explore the outside world and, hopefully, annihilate some titans. It feels similar to the official Attack on Titan games, with breakable blades and gas tanks to power your maneuvering equipment. That being said, we were soon disappointed to notice that it was yet another clicker game... and of course it was. Both games are the work of the same creator!

The silver lining is that Titan Attack feels more streamlined and colorful, and it's kinda fun to fly from one place to the other using the maneuvering gear. Still, the combat mechanics are too basic and the clicking mechanics get old really quick, although, as with Hero Academia, the number of positive reviews is overwhelming.

Final Thoughts

There are more things to say about Core, and we could talk about premium currency and how you can use it to customize your character or boost a server and increase the rewards to level up faster, for example, but we know most people won't be that invested in a very basic indie game. However, it's nice to have the chance to try so many games for free, and probability says some of these should be really good, so we'll keep browsing!

If you're interested in trying Core, you can download it from their official site or the Epic Games Store for some free skins. Hey, it's free!

core_platform_splash We Tried Some Anime-Themed Games in Core... Were They Good?


Author: Rod Locksley

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