Weekly Anime Ranking Chart [05/10/2017]

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What You Need to Know:

  • Welcome to our weekly anime chart, where we look at the DVD and Blu-ray rankings here in Japan to bring you the hottest anime of the moment.
  • In last week's chart, Granblue Fantasy stayed at number one, with Koe no Katachi climbing up the ranks again to the number two position. Yuri!!! on ICE made another comeback with its latest volume, too!
  • So, has much changed over the last week? Let's get right to the chart and find out!
Previous Week Ranking

Weekly Anime Ranking Chart [05/03/2017]

1. NEW!

Kimi no Na wa


Koe no Katachi

3. NEW!

Granblue Fantasy The Animation 2

4. DOWN 

The iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls Gekijou 1


Kizumonogatari Reiketsu-hen

6. UP

Yuri!!! on ICE! 6

7. UP

BanG Dream Vol.1

8. UP

High School Fleet OVA

9. NEW!

Frame Arms Girl 4

10. NEW!

Ero Manga Sensei 1

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kimi-no-na-wa-wallpaper-560x396 Weekly Anime Ranking Chart [05/10/2017]
ERO. MANGA. SENSEI. Yessss. It deserves the top spot in my opinion!!
kimi-no-na-wa-wallpaper-560x396 Weekly Anime Ranking Chart [05/10/2017]
Kimi no Na wa is back again, too!! It's unstoppable!

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