Weekly Anime Ranking Chart [08/23/2017]

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What You Need to Know:

  • Good afternoon/evening everyone and welcome to the weekly Anime Chart from Japan! It's time again to look at those titles that are selling out everywhere.
  • Last week, we only had Kimi no Na wa shoot back up to #1 while the rest of the chart was basically all new titles or falling titles from the week before. The new Owarimonogatari debuted as well as, shockingly, Touken Ranbu. However with so many titles falling, it should mean that they should be out or almost out this week right?
  • Well maybe.... or maybe not! Is Kimi no Na wa still #1 again? Let's find out!
Previous Week Ranking

Weekly Anime Ranking Chart [08/16/2017]

1. UP

Granblue Fantasy The Animation 5

2. UP

Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale


Kimi no Na wa


Owarimonogatari Mayoi Hell

5. UP

Kuroshitsuji Book of the Atlantic

6. UP

KanColle The Movie


Kono Sekai no Katasumi ni

8. NEW!

BanG Dream!


Mobile Suit Gundam The Origin V

10. DOWN

Katsugeki Touken Ranbu

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BanG-Dream-4-404x500 Weekly Anime Ranking Chart [08/23/2017]
I never thought I would see the day that Granblue Fantasy beat out Kimi no Na wa.... dang...
BanG-Dream-4-404x500 Weekly Anime Ranking Chart [08/23/2017]
Who cares about that? Kuroshitsuji is up!

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