Weekly Anime Ranking Chart [11/21/2018]

What You Need to Know:

  • Weclome to the weekly anime sales ranking chart from Honey's Anime! We have got a great one this week, so let's get right into it.
  • First up, Liz to Aoi Tori, the Hibike! Euphonium movie, has risen the ranks! Following it are Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon on Blu-ray and Kimi no Na wa. Granblue Fantasy fell down after claiming the top spot last week.
  • As for what's "new," everything else is just a returnee save for two entires at the bottom of the chart this week: the EroManga Sensei OVA and Ikki Tousen Western Wolves. See where everything is at this week!

1. UP

Liz to Aoi Tori



3. UP

Pretty Guardian (Bishojo Senshi) Sailor Moon S Blu-ray Collection 2

4. NEW!

Asagao to Kase-san

5. NEW!

Yagate Kimi ni Naru

6. UP

Kimi no Na wa.

7. NEW!

Macross Delta Movie: Gekijou no Walkure

8. NEW!

No Game No Life The Movie: Zero

9. NEW!

Ikki Tousen Western Wolves

10. NEW!

Eromanga Sensei OVA

Source: CD Japan

Liz-to-Aoi-Tori-372x500 Weekly Anime Ranking Chart [11/21/2018]
Huh.... I am so surprised to see only one fall anime here.
Liz-to-Aoi-Tori-372x500 Weekly Anime Ranking Chart [11/21/2018]
Not to mention too, there are two Yuri entries this week.

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