Weekly BL Manga Ranking Chart [03/11/2017]

What You Need to Know:

  • It's that time of the week again BL fans, time to check out the hottest shounen-ai and yaoi manga according to the sales in Japan.
  • In last week's chart, Koisuru Intelligence rose to number one, and we saw a range of new volumes from different genres such as food and the ever-popular omegaverse.
  • But which volumes are the most popular now? Let's get to the chart and find out!
Previous Week Ranking

Weekly BL Manga Ranking Chart [03/04/2017]

1. UP

Kachou Fuugetsu 6

2. UP

Hanakoi Tsurane 2


Koisuru Intelligence 4

4. NEW!

In These Words 3


Ore no Doutei no Ikesukanai Aitsu nan desu kedo

6. UP

Dakaretai Otoko 1-i ni Odosarete Imasu. 4

7. NEW!

Pink to Mameshiba

8. NEW!

Fukigen Kareshi no Saraikata

9. NEW!

Finder no Mitsuyaku

10. NEW!

Neko Neko Darling 3

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honey's anime character
Ooh Kachou Fuugetsu is back at number one, and we finally have cover art! It looks so good!!

honey's anime character
I think I'll be reading Pink to Mameshiba next, it looks adorable!