Weekly BL Manga Ranking Chart [05/06/2017]

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What You Need to Know:

  • It's that time of week again, fujoshi, fudanshi, and all BL fans - time to check out the hottest shounen-ai and yaoi manga of the moment according to the Japanese charts.
  • In last week's chart, Nii-chan climbed on top, and Yata-Momo and In These Words also made their way into the top five. Over half of the rankings was also made up by new volumes.
  • So what's going on this week? Has much changed in the world of shounen-ai and yaoi? Let's get to the chart and find out!
Previous Week Ranking

Weekly BL Manga Ranking Chart [04/29/2017]

1. UP

On Doorstep

2. UP

Honjitsu no Goyotei



4. UP

In These Words 3


Hidoku Shinaide plus+ 3

6. NEW!

GUSHmaniaEX Dry Orgasm


Angula Blue

8. NEW!

Douse, Mero Mero

9. NEW!

Ooya-san to Himo

10. NEW!

Suki de Shikatanai

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On-Doorstep-225x350 Weekly BL Manga Ranking Chart [05/06/2017]
Nii-chan is still in the top three! Ooya-san to Himo and Suki de Shikatanai have made a comeback, too!
On-Doorstep-225x350 Weekly BL Manga Ranking Chart [05/06/2017]
Oh my... I can see the words Dry Orgasm... I know what I'm reading next!

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