Sorry but…Who Is Supposed to Be the Hero? – Moshi Role Playing Game no Sekai ni SNS ga Attara (If the RPG World Had Social Media), Vol. 1 [Light Novel]

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  • Mangaka : Nitta, Yusuke (Story), LOL (Character Design) and Amekaze, Yukinatsu (Illustration)
  • Publisher : Yen Press
  • Genre : Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy and Romance
  • Published : September 2021 - Ongoing

Welcome to a fantasy world where the internet was discovered and can be utilized for communication, research and business at the tip of your finger. However, such convenience has created the Hero, a total shut-in and socially awkward with anyone. His world has changed, for better or worst, when he meets the Demon Lord online. These two love birds wanted to meet each other badly, and the Hero decides to set off on a journey to meet her in the Demon Castle. The problem? He only has 1 HP and a dream. Come! Let us embark on a romantic journey both in reality and chat logs!

Contains Spoilers

Discussion Time

Heh! So you finally decided to move your sorry butt to the outside world to meet a girl you love? Okay, fine, that doesn’t sound pathetic. All right, listen up. You better be prepared for all the hell you will experience during this journey and need all the help you can get. What? The Demon Lord sent you her four Demon Generals?! Okay, you’re good. Moving on.

To be clear, this story is the total opposite of Konosuba. Why? Think of their Hero as useless as he can be while his comrades are extremely useful and powerful in their own right. The only similarity is that the four Demon Generals have exciting personalities. Got the picture? Let’s move on to the review!

Why You Should Read Moshi Role Playing Game no Sekai ni SNS ga Attara (If the RPG World Had Social Media)

1. Innocently Romantic

This series covers more on the romance aspect between the Hero and the Demon Lord. The Internet can lead to exciting encounters that made these two realize they had a lot in common. Before the journey begins, the Hero recognizes his flaws and wouldn’t let his pride get in his way to ask for help from the King and the Demon Lord.

The King refuses to provide support because he is extremely cheap, like Mr Krabs from Spongebob. How in the world did he become the King? It was a weird world where the Demon Lord was kinder than the King in a way that she was willing to provide support to the Hero and hoped to build a world where demons and humans can coexist.

The conversations between the Hero and the Demon Lord remind readers of how shy we are. There wasn’t anything wrong with that, and it just shows how much we care about them. However, there were moments where we feel like punching a pillow in frustration when the Hero messes things up.

2. Accept Who You Are

During his journey, his group was joined by the Demon Generals. We have Mako, a cute beast woman with cat features; Pino, a tsundere who looks like a fallen angel; Oniko, a rude, kind oni woman; and Nicoletta, a masochistic vampire wanted to be hurt by annoying his party. They may act strange, but these demons are good people.

We mentioned that the Hero is aware of his issues, but not as deep as you think. When the Demon Generals joined his party, they found out the cause of his lack of growth. He had 108 curses applied to him that prevent any forms of level-ups and improvement. They haven’t found out the caster, but that would undoubtedly be revealed later on in the story.

Despite being the weakest in the group, he is willing to go through Oniko’s harsh training, learning as many possibilities as possible to survive and fight advantageously. And yes, he dies a lot in his training. This wouldn’t have worked without revive spell.

Why You Should Skip Moshi Role Playing Game no Sekai ni SNS ga Attara (If the RPG World Had Social Media)

1. Expect a Lot of Chat Logs

We know light novels are usually filled with dialogues and banter between characters. The chat log approach isn’t suitable for readers who wanted to know how they feel and react. From body language to expressions, even with the emotes and internet slang. Each chat log can take up the entire page. Yes, a single page could have been filled with details of the characters’ conversation in depth.

Final Thoughts

Moshi Role Playing Game no Sekai ni SNS ga Attara (If the RPG World Had Social Media) is a wholesome romance light novel series where the Hero and the four Demon Generals embark on a journey to meet with the Demon Lord. The demon generals are surprisingly likeable, and the challenges the Hero was willing to face head-on were admirable. The story is fine, but the chat logs can be annoying to some readers when it comes to not knowing the characters’ body language and expressions. If you want to read a romance light novel series where fantasy and the internet are mixed, you might want to try this light novel out.

Moshi-Role-playing-Game-No-Sekai-Ni-SNS-Ga-Attara-novel Sorry but…Who Is Supposed to Be the Hero? – Moshi Role Playing Game no Sekai ni SNS ga Attara (If the RPG World Had Social Media), Vol. 1 [Light Novel]


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