We've All Been Lost in the Cloud Before

It doesn’t matter if you’re a grounded person or not, we’ve all found ourselves daydreaming and getting lost in the cloud before, right? Some people are more prone to it than others, of course, but it’s something we’ve all experienced before. Skylar’s situation is a bit different, though. He often finds himself thinking about one of his classmates and decides to start taking pictures of him. What happens when those photos get lost in the cloud? Ah, we do know, actually… #thefappening.

A Boy With A Crush

Meet Skylar, the protagonist of this story. He’s just a regular high school student with a hobby he’s very passionate about: taking pictures. Since he was young, Skylar found the world of photography incredibly interesting, so he bought a camera and started capturing moments. Still, he never thought he’d be using his camera to take pictures of a very special person…

Now in high school, Skylar meets Chan-il, an orange-haired boy with a bright smile and cheerful personality. Mesmerized by this person, he decides to make Chan-il the subject of his photos. Day after day, Skylar takes pictures of Chan-il doing different things around the school, all of this without him knowing, obviously! And since Skylar is very organized, he uploads all of the pictures he takes to the cloud, in several different albums under the name of Chan-il. Skylar knows this is a one-sided affair, but he’s fine as long as he can take pictures of his beloved Chan-il. However, things are about to change after someone finds out about his secret hobby…

A Secret to Keep

One day, when Skylar is uploading his pictures of Chan-il to the cloud, he discovers that all of the photos he’s been taking throughout the years are gone. How can this be happening? Desperate and panicky, Skylar starts thinking what went wrong; that’s when he gets a message from an unknown number. It’s the person who deleted all of Chan-il’s photos! Of course, Skylar is mortified and thinks about skipping school the next day, but he quickly changes his mind. If he wants to find out who’s behind the message, he’ll have to do some digging.

It doesn’t take long for the sender to show up. Turns out it’s Cirrus, Chan-il’s best friend since middle school. Needless to say, Skylar is beyond embarrassed and begs Cirrus not to say anything to Chan-il. Since Cirrus is a good person, he agrees to keep the secret and tells Skylar not to worry. Regardless, Skylar decides to stop taking photos of Chan-il, after all, it’s the right thing to do. What he doesn’t know is that behind Cirrus’ polite smile hides a twisted person trying to let the secret out by any means possible.

Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

At first sight, Cirrus seems to be a nice and gentle person, always smiling politely and surrounding himself with friends. That’s Skylar’s first impression of him and that’s why he decides to trust he’ll keep the secret. But as days go by, Skylar realizes that Cirrus is more than just a reassuring smile—underneath his charm hides a wolf ready to attack.

Every time Skylar and Chan-il are together, Cirrus shows up unannounced and tries to guide the conversation towards Skylar’s secret. Even though Skylar tries to give Cirrus the benefit of the doubt, it soon becomes apparent that he doesn’t intend on keeping the secret. Why is he acting like this? We have to admit Cirrus’ attitude is not okay, but it’s thanks to that that Skylar finds himself in some interesting situations that involve Cirrus. Will something happen between these two? We can’t wait to find the answer to that question!

Final Thoughts

There are only a few chapters out and we can already tell this is going to be an interesting ride. The character design is pleasing to the eye and, even though we’ve seen this “keep a secret and I’ll do anything” plot before, it still promises to be more than entertaining.

All we have to do is sit back and enjoy the read while we wait for new chapters to come out!

lost-in-the-cloud-kiss We've All Been Lost in the Cloud Before

Author: Yaz L.

Hey, there! I'm a soon-to-be marine biologist who just happens to love video games, dream pop music, and BL/yaoi stuff. When I was a kid, I lived in Colombia for 3 years and now I'm a sucker for hot chocolate with cheese. My favorite treat while watching anime!

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