What Is It That I Truly Desire? – The Irregular at Magic High School, Vol. 16 [Light Novel]

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  • Mangaka : Satou, Tsutomu (Story) and Ishida, Kana (Art)
  • Publisher : Yen Press
  • Genre : Action, Magic, Romance, School, Sci-Fi, Supernatural
  • Published : April 2016 - Ongoing

The time has come for the New Year’s Reception at the Yotsuba family residence. As Miyuki plans not to attend the event, an invitation has arrived under the orders of her aunt Maya, the current head of the Yotsuba clan, so her attendance is mandatory. That is also when Maya will announce the next leader of the family and their political marriage. What kind of relationship will Tatsuya and Miyuki have after meeting their schemeing aunt? The english language novels are 5 volumes ahead of the most recent anime. We decided that checking in with the story would be a good idea, so if you are tempted to look into the future with us be warned, serious spoilers ahead.

Contains Spoilers

Discussion Time

Surely you never would have expected us to review a series like this that has adapted into two seasons of anime. Well, three if you count on the upcoming anime of this series. It’s a good series, okay? We can’t help it. We also thought it be nice to catch up with these character and see what they’re up to long after the anime aired.

So after a year of events in the past volumes of their second year of high school life, New Year is upon them, and they initially planned to have a downtime and relax. However, their aunt Maya had other plans in mind for the Shiba siblings, which you have read from the previous section. BUT! This is the volume where we get to know more about the Yotsuba family and errr… it’s a big family.

Why You Should Read The Irregular at Magic High School

1. But Why?

After learning that Maya is planning to have Miyuki be the head of the family, the other candidates acknowledged her capabilities and strength as a magician. Yes, there are candidates, and they are from other main families within the Yotsuba. We have Shiba, Kuroba, Shibata and Tsukuba.

But that is not where the problem lies. Even if other families are okay with Miyuki being the next head, their main concern focus solely on Tatsuya. If you have read this series up to this volume, you probably know what he had done in the past two years as a high school student and during his childhood life. It is safe to say that he can destroy the entire planet if he wants to. Because of that, they don’t want to make enemies out of the Ten Master Clans and be involved with Tatsuya’s problems. Meaning they want to disown Tatsuya.

2. The Truth and Only The Truth

From Volume 8, we knew how Miyuki developed into a brother loving personality. We initially thought that was a sibling love, nothing more. But this volume shows her true intentions. She was aware of the political marriage that has been carried out not only in the Yotsuba but also in other Ten Master Clans. All to preserve the magical prowess of their future children and strengthen their clans, but her true feelings said otherwise. She couldn’t imagine herself married to anyone aside from Tatsuya. This development leads to a rather unexpected turn of event where Maya chose Tatsuya to be her fiancé.

Before you say anything, there is a reason behind that. If you have read up to this volume, you already know that the Yotsuba clan has perverted Tatsuya’s mind. Designed to prioritize Miyuki’s wellbeing above all else. The same can be applied to Miyuki that will be revealed later in this volume. She was an engineered magician, the fruit of the secret lab facility owned by the Yotsuba themselves. Meaning she can conceive a child with Tatsuya without any problem.

3. For Science!

Some may not realize, but even if the story and settings are fictional, the magic application they presented can be understood and logically similar to the world we live in, such as physics, chemistry, and biology. Mostly physics. It can be viewed as an educational approach to readers, and one must be aware that they are valid to a certain extent. Education is important!

Why You Should Skip The Irregular at Magic High School

1. Incest

You might feel disturbed by the genre shown in this topic when it comes to Tatsuya and Miyuki. The way they interacted and thought of each other as the story progressed is quite a lot throughout this series. It is the norm of this story, and some may not like this sort of conversation and development. But if you don’t mind the minor issue such as this and want to know the overall story, it isn’t so bad as there are many other interesting characters and side stories they offered in their world. Obviously, we don’t condone incest in real life, but this is a fictional story, so relax.

Final Thoughts

It is a pleasant experience to catch up with the updated English translated light novel series of the Irregular Magic High School, even during the timeline of the ones that got adapted into an anime. Of course, the most significant difference between anime and light novels is that we get to read the thought process of each character and how each magic works in a specific field and application. We finally get to know Miyuki’s true feelings about her future and Yotsuba’s overall view of Tatsuya. However, there will be a lot of incest kind of interactions between the Shiba siblings. No, not that far. They have boundaries, just words that can be disturbing to some readers. Overall, this volume shed some light on the reasons behind Tatsuya’s treatment by the Yotsuba clan and their deep dark secrets. If you have read this volume, who do you think deserves to be with Tatsuya? Leave them down in the comment below! Also, everyone has their own opinion, so please treat them with respect.

The-Irregular-At-Magic-High-School-Mahoka-Koko-no-Rettosei-16 What Is It That I Truly Desire? – The Irregular at Magic High School, Vol. 16 [Light Novel]


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