What is Otaku Coin? [What Has Been Revealed So Far]

Otakucoin-logo-560x315 What is Otaku Coin? [What Has Been Revealed So Far]


For those who follow the financial sector, the term cryptocurrency has become omnipresent on both sides of the scale. There have been incredible highs and tremendous lows but one thing’s for certain, and it’s that Cryptocurrency is at the height of its popularity and many people are starting to cash in on its rewards. While the skeptics may say otherwise there are others out there who plan to take full advantage of the cryptocurrency benefit, showing confidence that it’s not going to let the naysayers stop them from achieving success. This brings us to Otaku Coin, a cryptocurrency that’s created for Japan’s sub-culture in mind and plans to bring everyone together under one currency. The concept of Otaku Coin was presented by Tokyo Otaku Mode, and now it is developed and promoted by the Otaku Coin Preparation Committee, in which more than half of the members are from other companies in the otaku industry. Whether you’re a fan of anime, manga, video games or perhaps all three, the Otaku Coin provides you with a currency that can be used just about anywhere and at anytime! Event coming up? Use your Otaku Coin to purchase the tickets to enter! Need some cosplay supplies or maybe some manga volumes? Not to worry because Otaku Coin can take care of that too! Welcome to the new otaku future, this is Otaku Coin, a currency made for otaku by otaku.

Note*: This is still a work in progress and the contents within this article are a reflection of that.

A Cultural Currency

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There’s no mistaking that Japan’s sub-culture has catapulted into worldwide acclaim, with hundreds of thousands of passionate fans flocking to events all across the world including Japan. The reason for this explosion is due mostly to the expansion and constant innovation of the anime industry, with every season coming jam packed with new shows that always outshine the last season. One illustrious door closes to usher in a new generation of anime fans who look forward to new episodes on a weekly basis, with excitement levels going well beyond the hype scale. So what would make Otaku Coin such a wonderful addition to this already robust and diverse industry? For one, the otaku subculture is extremely vast and full of ideas that are always going beyond the norm, to create something mesmerizing for fans around the globe. So having a currency available for fans to use exclusively within their culture is an exhilarating feeling, simply because it grants you access to just about everything you love. No longer will you need to depend on other means to purchase and watch your favorite anime online, or buy that recent manga volume you’ve been so hungry about, or perhaps to pre-order the latest figurine on the marketplace.

Otaku Coin is a cultural currency that goes beyond the barriers and allows you the freedom to buy what you love, do what you love, and play what you love all at the same time. Every country in the world has their own unique currency with Japan having its Yen, North America with its dollar, the UK with its pound, and Europe with the Euro. There are of course a plethora of others out there but with the inauguration of the Otaku Coin, we now have a currency that’s global and will deliver a service that’s created and catered to the community.

Not Just a Currency, It’s a Lifestyle

While many of us look at our fancy looking and oftentimes very colorful bills in our wallets and think, “whoa this is really unique”, the Otaku Coin goes beyond unique and into fascination. Just think of all those awesome things you can buy using only one currency and never having to worry about currency exchange, or a pocket full of paper. Now all you need is your smartphone and enough Otaku Coin in your account and boom, the world of opportunities are endless! Otaku Coin isn’t just a currency that we can all use it’s a lifestyle that we can all create. As we said earlier, you can use Otaku Coin for just about anything whether it be buying tickets to an upcoming event or something simple like buying a manga online.

The committee has made sure to have cyber security in place as well and back in March of this year, the team brought on cyber security and blockchain specialist, Hiroshi Shimo, CEO of Consensus Base who aims to ensure that the community currency is in safe hands. They also brought on blockchain accountant, Hitoshi Kakizawa as well as So Saito, a lawyer who focuses heavily on blockchains, finance regulations, and IT. With these prominent names on the committee it’s safe to say that the Otaku Coin will be a secure way for fans all around the world to create a lifestyle that they desire, and earn rewards in the process as well. We mentioned earlier about carrying a wallet around with all of this cash and don’t worry, we know it really becomes a hassle sometimes. It’s bulky and feels weird in your pocket at times but now, Otaku Coin plans to have its own speciality wallet for that true convenience! Imagine not having to worry about carrying a stack of paper around and simply at the press of a button, you can have easy access to just about anything you desire and create the otaku lifestyle you’ve always wanted.

The Global Otaku Marketplace is Accessible

With the world as we know it constantly moving in the direction towards a digital currency, more and more individuals are looking to find ways to create convenience in their lives. With Otaku Coin everything is at your fingertips and readily available whenever you want. No more waiting in long lines or counting all the change from your coin purse, just simply allow the Otaku Coin to do all the work. The Otaku Coin committee want to ensure that you have full ownership over what you purchase and so, everything is aimed towards a community-driven landscape where new opportunities can be developed to help keep the community alive and growing. This is why the Otaku Coin committee have plans to launch a voting platform sometime in 2019, which allows fans to directly participate in the decision making process, which will only help to ensure the future of the otaku culture maintains its integrity. The voting platform gives Otaku Coin holders voting rights (voting tokens) which are used to vote for projects which will contribute to the development of otaku culture. The Otaku Coin Fund will manage, operate, and fund the procedures of the platform, but it may not intervene in the voting and decision-making process. Also, there will be no surcharges or transaction fees involved in fundraising [*Taken from https://otaku-coin.com/pdf/ConceptPaperEN_DL.pdf].

Ultimately, the goal is to provide a service that everyone can be a part of and no one will feel alienated from the platform. It’s a form of freedom that the otaku can utilize to keep the community pipeline open and allow for more accessibility in the future.

Final Thoughts

This is merely just the tip of the iceberg for the Otaku Coin and a lot more is still coming down that pipeline, which we hope you’ll contribute to in some way or another. So long as the otaku community continues to proliferate so too will the popularity of the Otaku Coin, which will only add more value to an already well established subculture that continues to thrive everyday. With plenty of benefits for the end user, Otaku Coin serves as a entry way for otaku to really create a community driven service that provides access to just about any product out there, and it won’t stop there. For more details about the Otaku Coin, be sure to visit the official website and course keep it locked here on Honey’s Anime for any new updates!

Otakucoin-logo-560x315 What is Otaku Coin? [What Has Been Revealed So Far]


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