[10,000 Global Anime Fan Poll Results!] Who is Your Favorite Nintendo Character!

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Nintendo characters?! Now this one is going to be an interesting poll!

honey's anime character
There's just a massive amount of popular Nintendo characters. Just who will come out on top this time around? I'm hoping for either Yoshi or Donkey Kong!
honey's anime character
We all know Mario is going to take the cake on this one...right? RIGHT?!!
honey's anime character
It's hard to say to be honest. While Mario is certainly the shining star of the Nintendo roster, there's just so many wonderful characters that stand out more. Like Princess Peach for example, hehe!
honey's anime character
I like really cute characters so I'm definitely rooting for Toadstool! Have fun voting everyone!

Top20 - Top11

20. Captain Olimar from Pikmin

0.6 %

Captain olimar has been a great character since his first appearance in the gamecube game pikmin. Since that fateful day in October he has appeared in two other titles as well as brawl and 3ds/wii U. This character holds a place in my heart because of his fatherly nature towards the pikmin, his journal entries show alot about him and his personality. The notes on the creatures of PNF-404 in the second release show his scientific background and the adventure and story recaps he tells on the treasures show alot about his family and his adventures on the planet unseen by the players camera view. Mixing all this with his appearance and his attitude make him memorable and loveable.
A pretty cool adventurer!

19. Donkey Kong from Donkey Kong

0.9 %

Classic Character!!!
I grew up with Donkey Kong! I love it!

18. Ganondorf "Ganon" from The Legend of Zelda

1.1 %

Pure evil.
He's one of the best villains ever!

17. Wario from Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins

1.4 %

that physique, that beautiful nose, that charming mustache, his style, his grace, What more needs to be said?
One of the ultimate villains in the Mario universe.

16. Fox McCloud from Star Fox

1.7 %

He's an anthropomorphic fox that flys a spaceship with his pals? Sign me the heck up.
Badass space pilot! I loved the early games!!!

15. Toon Link from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker

2.3 %

Toon Link expression is what made me love him and Windwaker is also key favorite Zelda game
THe cutest Link version ever!

13. [Tied] Bowser from Super Mario Bros.

2.6 %

The most iconic villain in Nintendo history! He looks so cool as well!
One of the original villains in gaming history! Who doesn't know or love him?!

13. [Tied] Captain Falcon from F-Zero

2.6 %

Cool as f@@k.
Slickest Nintendo character around!

11. [Tied] Meta Knight from Kirby's Adventure

2.6 %

The badass version of Kirby!!

11. [Tied] Princess Peach from Super Mario Bros.

2.6 %

She's sweet adorable but isn't afraid to kick butt.She's severely underrated even though she's older than Daisy or Rosalina(in terms of years they appeared in).
My kind of damsel in distress!

Top10 - Top6

10. Marth from Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon

3.7 %


I haven't played many Fire Emblem games but Marth is pretty cool I guess.
Marth is da bomb!!!
Marth is a cool character to play in Smash Bros.

9. Henry from Fire Emblem Awakening

4.3 %


He's a funny and interesting character.
Henry made my day in the Fire Emblem game.
Henrey FTW

8. Takumi from Fire Emblem Fates

4.9 %


You get to see his character develop as you play through the different routes. Not to mention he has a beautiful character design!
I love Takumi! Hands down, the best character ever!

6. [Tied] Luigi from Mario Bros.

5.2 %


Overshadowed by his brother; Mario. He's cowardly but at the same time brave. I like how despite how scared he is. he always tries to help his brother and support him. And even saves him in Luigi's Mansion. I just love this green plummer.
Timid, meek, gentle, kind! These were the ingredients used to make a lovable green plumber. Unlike his older brother luigi is not accostumed to daring into the danger that follows into the path of rescuing princesses and fighting kings and beasts of all kinds. As seen in his secret diary entries in paper mario 64. But in his title of " Luigis Mansion " he braves the unknown depths of a haunted mansion to rescue his brother who is trapped inside.since his show of bravery he has paired again with E.gadd and fought his way trough mansions,mines,and factories. As well as tagging along with his older brother on his reckless adventures through the mushroom kingdom and beyond. His relateability compared to mario makes him a very unique and loved character.

6. [Tied] Samus Aran from Metroid

5.2 %


1. she was so well designed that she gives link a run for his money. 2 i find some of her powers not only impressive but satisfying to do. 3. her game is more puzzleing and sometimes harder to figure out at parts then others
Ultimate female gaming protagonist!
Samus is badass

Top5 - Top1

5. Princess Zelda from The Legend of Zelda

6.9 %


Twilight Princess Zelda is my favorite Zelda. She looked elegant and beautiful.
She's another damsel I like! Hehe!
Such a beautiful character
She's better than Princess Peach! 😛

4. Yoshi from Super Mario World

7.2 %


There's just something about Yoshi that I really love!
"Wide eyed and Adorable always helpful to Mario and ever faithful partner to Mario whenever he needs to get to hard places.What better partner to have than a cute big-nosed dinosaur?"
Yoshi is the cutest and best Nintendo character around! He's so cute!
The best character especially in mario kart 64 😛

3. Kirby from Kirby's Dream Land

9.5 %


Coolest character in the franchise and he's so versatile!
His powers are cool.
Kirby was the second Nintendo game character I played and I always love him no matter what he will forever be my favorite Nintendo character while Toon Link is a close 2nd
The badass version of Kirby!!
My best character in Smash Bros.

2. Pikachu from Pokemon Red and Blue

16.0 %


This iconic yellow mouse character for Pokemon is known for it's cute and chubby red cheeks and its powerful shocks. Anyone who watches Pokemon will no doubt know how powerful pikachu is.Who couldnt love this adorable pokemon!!:3
Pikachu is just so adorable!!!
because pikachu is so cute and the anime and games been popular for 21 years
The most iconic character ever and everyone loves him!

1. Link from The Legend of Zelda

17.8 %


Swords and shields, bows and arrows, magic, slingshots boomerangs,gloves,wands, a variety of musical instruments and a green tunic complete a well known adventurer.Link the young hylian hero has braved beasts and enemys of all kinds. Through oceans and deserts even the sky and time itself. This young man has traveled to protect the prosperity of his homeland from the cluches of evil.let no person be in stress
"I grew up with the beautiful N64 Ocarina of Time piano intro with Link riding in the night sky with Epona. The Legend of Zelda games have a special place in my heart so Link will always be my favorite character. I don't even use another name when making a game profile
I always use Link's name."
Skyward Sword Link and Breath of the Wild Link are my favorite. He's the Chosen Hero of Hyrule I mean what is there not to like about him?
1.he wears green 2. he was so well designed and was fun to play as 3. he is the main character of the zelda franchise which gives me a stronger conection with him then any of the other characters as everything he exsperieces so do we 4. i prefer him to alot of the other nintendo characters such as mario
A soft spoken master swordsman who can transcend time need I say more.


honey's anime character
Yoshi made top 4! Oh my days! I'm so glad to see that a lot of people show a lot of love for the adorable dinosaur!

honey's anime character
Oh wow I totally forgot about Kirby! Seems like a good amount of people who voted really love that pink vacuum. I love Kirby too, small yet so powerful!
honey's anime character
I'm so surprised that Henry from Fire Emblem Awakening beat out Mario and Princess Peach! Never saw that one coming at all.
honey's anime character
Pikachu should come as no surprise though, since its played such an iconic role in the Pokemon franchise since the 90's.
honey's anime character
You know what's even more of a surprise..No Toadstool! Don't worry Toadstool, I'll always support you!