Whose Baby Is It? We Need Answers!

whose-baby-is-it Whose Baby Is It? We Need Answers!

Everyone knows the past year was rough, no matter how you look at it, but authors managed to still provide us with stories to keep us entertained during those difficult days staying inside the house. Apparently, things are not going to change any time soon, so it’s not a bad idea to take a look at some more interesting BL stories out there.

Whose Baby Is It? is a wholesome story about an actor who tries to balance his work with raising his little son. However, that’s not everything there is to know about this manhua. There are promising twists and turns that’ll keep us demanding answers!

The Unfortunate Life Of A Poor Actor

Nothing seems to be going right for Yi Yun, an actor with a luck that matches his poor acting skills. Ever since a fortune teller told him he would die at a young age, Yi Yun tries everything he can to avoid destiny. Just in case, and to make his parents happy, Yi Yun also goes to a fertility clinic overseas to become a dad. And so he returns to his country the proud father of a cute little baby named Rourou.

Even though things seem to change, soon after Rourou turns four, strange things start to happen around Yi Yun. His acting career goes downhill, no one takes him seriously and, to make everything worse, his boss is a pain in the neck. Since he needs the job to raise his son, Yi Yun decides to keep his mouth shut, but after the director of the film tries to hit Rourou, Yi Yun decides he’s had enough. However, freedom won’t last long for this poor actor because on the very same day he decides to quit, he is kidnapped by a wealthy stranger who claims to be Rourou’s real father!

So… Whose Baby Is It?!

When Yi Yun goes to pick Rourou up from kindergarten he’s not expecting to be approached by an army of strangers dressed in suits. Needless to say, he’s seriously not expecting to be kidnapped and taken to a stranger’s mansion. After arriving at the luxurious house, Yi Yun is faced with Feng Jinyao, a wealthy businessman who claims to be Rourou’s real father. Imagine Yi Yun’s shock after hearing this!

Convinced this man is wrong, Yi Yun tries to leave the house but finds out he’ll never be able to leave if he wants to take Rourou with him. After fruitless attempts to escape, Yi Yun and Jinyao decide that the best thing for Rourou is if they raise him together.

Although Yi Yun agrees to live under the same roof as Jinyao, he still doubts that the wealthy businessman is Rourou’s biological father, so he decides to ask a friend to run a DNA test. However, when the results arrive, he’s too scared to face them and decides it’s best for him not to do it. Everything seems to suggest that Rourou is Jinyao’s son, but we’re happy the little kid has two loving fathers who are willing to do everything for him.

Love Blossoms…

It takes some time for Yi Yun to trust Jinyao, but after he proves to be supportive and, more importantly, that he doesn’t want to take Rourou away, Yi Yun starts to relax around him. Spending nights together and even sharing the same bed (with Rourou sleeping in the middle of them) seem like something normal for Yi Yun now, but Jinyao’s heart is being a little bit loud. At first, Jinyao doesn’t understand these new feelings, but it doesn’t take long for him to realize that Yi Yun is his fated person.
Once Jinyao identifies his feelings as love, he starts trying to gain Yi Yun’s affection. He goes as far as browsing the Internet for answers. How cute is that!

Not only does Jinyao support Yi Yun’s career as an actor, but he also cooks for him and makes time to help him practice acting. Jinyao’s efforts are not in vain: soon, Yi Yun starts noticing how his heart races whenever he’s near Jinyao and how he’s the first person he wants to share good news with. Don’t give up Jinyao, you already won his heart!

Final Thoughts

The story is progressing slow but steady, getting deeper with every new chapter. Even though we know Rourou is Jinyao’s biological son, we wouldn’t be surprised if there is another twist that could hint at Yi Yun being Rourou’s dad too.

Whose Baby Is It? is a beautiful story that promises some dark turns in the future, though. We’re all eager to see where this whole thing goes!

whose-baby-is-it Whose Baby Is It? We Need Answers!

Author: Yaz L.

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