Why Kumoko Is the Anti-Heroine We All Need (So I'm a Spider, So What?)

Kumoko, the protagonist of So I’m a Spider, So What? quickly won our hearts. We followed her through trials and adventures deep in the caves, rooted for her, and gushed when she prevailed over her enemies. Gearing up for the second cour of this amazing isekai, we wanted to list all the reasons Kumoko is our favorite anti-heroine.

She’s Funny As Heck

We can’t get tired of Kumoko’s monologues. Especially after she got a whole lot of different personalities going on, it’s just so funny to see the different parts of her arguing. Her energy is a riot, her happy squeals when she gets to eat good food after a difficult fight, and her panicked screams when comes across yet another terrible enemy on her way out are priceless. Every episode is a recital by Aoi Yuuki, her voice actress!

She’s a Hard Worker

Kumoko doesn’t know anything about her new situation. She’s born along with thousands of spider siblings, with the awareness that she is reborn in another world. No home, no guidance, she has to work hard just to survive. This does not stop her from staying positive and doing her best to find meaning in her new life.

It’s amazing to see how she gets overpowered through a long and difficult process just to stay alive. In the meantime, the rest of the cast reincarnated as humans, live generally normal lives, waiting until enrolling in high school to further develop their powers. Kumoko has the upper hand - she thought she was unlucky, but her difficult life has given her a great advantage.

She’s Not a Goody Two Shoes

Let’s not forget that Kumoko is in a survival of the fittest situation, this is why she picks to evolve the skills that sound the scariest and strongest. So, she ends up with maxed Taboo, Black Magic, basically all the skills that sound like lyrics from a death metal song.

She makes decisions to keep going, and she ends up morally ambiguous. Especially after getting access to the superior knowledge of the world she lives in, she has to make hard decisions that others are not aware of, so she is viewed as an evil monster by the rest of the cast. Too bad!

She’s Super Relatable...for a Spider

Many of us had to keep ourselves company during quarantine and started talking to ourselves, just like Kumoko does to deal with her loneliness.

Kumoko loses her home early in the series when she just wants to rest on her spiderweb pillow and watch TV. Her semblance of a normal life was simply gone in a few minutes. Her need for comfort, her complaints about the endless grind, and her love for a tasty meal, all make her relatable, despite being a spider monster in an isekai universe. She just wants to get out of the house into the big bright world, like all of us.

Final Thoughts

And there you have them, the reasons we love Kumoko and think she’s an anti-heroine that deserves your attention! She’s funny, a hard worker, and after all, she just wants a moment of rest. What do you think of our spidergal? Is she worth the hype? Don’t forget to comment down below and thanks for reading!

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