Why Mercenary from Mahou no Sho Would Make the Best Furry Husbando


Zero Kara Hajimeru Mahou no Sho has got to be one of the gems of the season. A well-paced plot line, well-rounded characters, and plenty of magic and supernatural action. But the highlight of this show can be summed up in one name alone: Mercenary. This Beastfallen babe has got everything you could want in a 2D husband - with the bonus of doubling up as a pet cat. Not convinced? Let me tell you a thing or two about Mercenary, and why he’d make the best furry husbando around.

1. Big Cat Protector Man

First things first, this guy is huge. Not just height-difference-moe huge, but could-lift-you-with-one-finger huge. It’s not just his physical size either, with a personality big enough to perfectly match his body. He’s also quick to protect those under his care, so you wouldn’t have to worry about all the bad guys out there - Mercenary would deal with them before they could lay a finger on you. Also, why walk when you can have your man carry you on his shoulder? You’d get to rest and have a great view. Why cook when your husbando can do it ten times better? That’s right, he’s just as amazing at cooking as he is at fighting. With Mercenary by your side, you wouldn’t have to do a thing. Plus, he’s a cat. A big, burly cat. I mean, what’s not to love?

2. So Soft. Such Foot Beans.

Even if you’re not a furry, you can’t deny that cuddling up in Mercenary’s fluffy chest sounds like the most relaxing experience there is. Imagine how warm and snuggly it would be to curl up with him, like a giant cat that actually loves you back. We’ve seen through Zero that although he doesn’t necessary enjoy the experience and will complain at you, he won’t actually do anything to stop it from happening. That’s not the only time you could make the most of his plush fur, either - remember the scene where Zero scrubs him down, and he ends up super fluffy after she dries him? Adorable. Plus there’s the bonus of squishy, squishy foot beans you can play with to your heart’s content, without being swatted away. Mercenary would be such a relaxing guy to have around, like a therapy husbando.

3. Tsundere Sweetheart

His fur isn’t the only soft thing about Mercenary - he’s also a big softie on the inside. Is there anything more adorable than seeing a giant tough guy blush? I think not. No matter how hard he tries to hide it, it’s plain to see that this big cat cares. He also often plays the bad guy in order to help other people. He’ll put on a scary, aggressive front and, despite how much it may hurt him on the inside, will scare the other person in order to warn them about Beastfallen, so that they know to have their guard up around those who may not be so kind. Plus, watching Mercenary’s fluffy cheeks redden whenever someone says anything resembling an innuendo is just too cute.

Have Mercy, Mercenary

So there we have it, our three reasons why Mercenary would be the best furry husbando around. What do you think of this giant fierce floof? Are you down to sign the marriage papers, or would you rather wait to see if he ever gets a human form? Either way, let us know in the comments and let’s get talking about this adorable hunk of fluff!

037 Why Mercenary from Mahou no Sho Would Make the Best Furry Husbando


Author: Ellyn Barnes

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