Why Sarasa Watanabe is Best Girl - Kageki Shoujo!!

Let’s talk about Sarasa, the main character of Kageki Shoujo!! It’s fairly common to see so-called genki girls in anime, always smiling, positive to a fault, and bundles of energy. While this is a fun trope, it sometimes feels forced. Who on earth is positive about everything in real life? Sarasa Watanabe, the ambitious otokoyaku in training at Kouka Academy fits the bill for genki girl of the Summer 2021 anime season, but she’s more than meets the eye. Here’s why we love her, and why she’s unique among all genki girls.

Positive Attitude with Depth

Sarasa’s positive outlook does not come from a shallow place. She does not ask her friends to get over their problems, like other students or even teachers do, but rather accepts that bad experiences cannot go away easily. Sarasa’s advice to Ai is that people can make good memories, and then the painful experiences can slowly weaken. Sarasa is wise, in that sense, recognizing in her young age the value of letting go and taking care of oneself. You can’t change the past but can decide to act in a different way in the present.

We do get hints that Sarasa comes from a family with a rakugo or kabuki tradition because the name Sukeroku is thrown around a lot, and we see how Sarasa always wanted to play Sukeroku. As a woman, though, she cannot participate in these traditionally all-male art fields, so she opts for Takarazuka, where her gender is an asset. This is another reason to admire Sarasa’s determination, who works towards her dreams, instead of sulking about the past.

She’s Got Strong Presence

Sarasa is a tall girl who has excellent core strength and balance. Her height and athletic build, loud voice, and big movements scare daintier girls off. When the army representative visits Kouka to give a presentation in posture and balance, he is impressed by Sarasa’s build and attitude. Sarasa is not clumsy, as it might look at first, but she uses her build to her advantage. Standing out in a crowd works to her advantage.

A Bit Crazy and Really Kind

Sarasa gives Ai’s stalker a chance to explain himself. It’s true that following a former teen idol around is definitely not the way to go, even if it is to apologize. Sarasa still gives him the space to explain, and it turns out he feels responsible for what happened to Ai. The scene where they dance together otaku dances is hilarious. That was an excellent scene, by the way, balancing the humorous with the dramatic, because it takes place just before Ai arrives and confronts Sarasa.

She’d Make the Perfect Oscar

Sure, Oscar from The Rose of Versailles is a serious and gallant lady, raised as a man, who steals the hearts of men and women alike, while Sarasa cannot exactly be called serious, but we see the potential in her. Sarasa is brave and committed in her own way. Her strength shines through her bubbly presence and her blonde hair is perfect for Oscar. We can definitely see Sarasa as Oscar defending Marie Antoinette - and who knows, it might be Ai who takes the Antoinette part!

Final Thoughts

We hope we enticed you with this article to go and check out Kageki Shoujo!! If you love charismatic female leads that don’t take themselves too seriously, you'd love Sarasa. She is bold and strong, yet bubbly and charming! Do you love Sarasa as much as we do? Who is your favorite girl in Kageki Shoujo!!? Let us know in the comments below and thanks for reading.

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