Windjammers - PlayStation 4 Review

Box-art-wind-Windjammers-Capture-300x329 Windjammers - PlayStation 4 Review

A disc spinning blast from the past

Game Info: (Box Display)

  • System: PS4, PS Vita
  • Publisher: DotEmu
  • Developer: DotEmu
  • Release Date: Aug 29, 2017

Who it Caters to

Box-art-wind-Windjammers-Capture-300x329 Windjammers - PlayStation 4 Review
Get ready, Windjammers fans, from yesteryear, Windjammers has returned to the PS4 and PS Vita! Get ready to hit the sands and courts to arm yourself with a Frisbee-like disc. You will need to use said disc to score points by throwing it and lobbing it onto your opponent’s side and hopefully get it in the goal or make them drop it. Choose one of 6 characters each with their own speed, power and skills set. If you want to be number one, you’re going to need to prove it in Windjammers.

What to Expect

Box-art-wind-Windjammers-Capture-300x329 Windjammers - PlayStation 4 Review
Have you ever played games like Air Hockey, Frisbee and or Pong? Well Windjammers plays akin to those games in many ways. Players will need to throw a disc using different moves and skills to make goals and score points. Likewise your opponents can do the same so you’ll need to be able to react fast if you don’t want your throw to be used against you. Play against the computer or online/offline against other players to show who the best is at Windjammers. Then if you want to take a break, you can play one of two mini games that are included to unwind from some long matches. Windjammers may be old but it sure hasn’t lost its step and you’ll see that once you head onto the court.


Box-art-wind-Windjammers-Capture-300x329 Windjammers - PlayStation 4 Review
Windjammers doesn’t have a regular story. Players will compete against one of six opponents to see who the better player is at this fast and brutal sport. Various courts and stadiums will be your battlefields and you will show others that no matter the field you can win. There are 6 characters to choose from each with their own skills in Windjammers. The only question to ask is this. Who will be your warrior of choice on the Windjammers field?


Box-art-wind-Windjammers-Capture-300x329 Windjammers - PlayStation 4 Review
Many gamers won’t realize but Windjammers isn’t just a game that was made to look old. Originally developed by Data East and published by SNK, Windjammers released to the world in 1994. That’s right folks, Windjammers was originally a title only playable in either the arcade—god we miss those—and or on a NeoGeo home console. That’s why when developer DotEmu announced they were re-releasing this classic title we here at Honey’s Anime were quite thrilled. However, has Windjammers survived the test of time and should you even buy it? Well that’s the questions we here at Honey’s Anime hope to answer in our review of Windjammers.

Windjammers, at its core, is a simple game. The whole idea is to throw a disc from one side of a court to the other and make it so your opponent either drops the disc or it lands in the goal. Windjammers could be compared to classic titles like Pong and or Air Hockey so you can better understand what you’re looking at once you pick up the controller. Though there are some components of gameplay that make this seemingly simple title anything but simple. Let us explain that as we talk about the gameplay.

As we mentioned players are on a court style stadium. You will pick a character—one of six—each with different skills, speed levels and power levels. From here you will go on one of six courts—which aren’t there for anything more than visual aesthetics—and launch your disc at your opponent. The idea is simple but the complexity comes in the form of having different means of throwing the disc. Players can throw the disc at the walls and bounce it off them—which is why we mentioned Air Hockey—and can even lob it in the air to cause an opponent to drop it. To top this off, each of the six playable characters have their own special skills to launch the disc in different ways such as spinning it faster or even making it spin in odd circular motions. There is a lot to learn in Windjammers and if you want to win—especially against the AI on tougher difficulties—then you’re going to need to master these control, though luckily there is an easy how to play included in Windjammers.

Graphically and sound wise, Windjammers is indeed an older title. Though that doesn’t mean we didn’t enjoy the classic look and sound. Sure it may not appeal to everyone who plays more modern games but for those who miss the days of the NeoGeo then you’re going to enjoy Windjammers for these classic looks. Now then folks with all the good we have to say about Windjammers there are a few issues with it. Though don’t worry we don’t have much bad to say about Windjammers.

As we mentioned early on Windjammers is indeed old; 23 years to be exact. That means that this is a title that newer gamers may not love too much if they can’t stand games that don’t have 1080p graphics. Windjammers can be adjusted to fit all screens and even has the means of turning off the scan lines but that won’t make it a newer game unfortunately. As we said, though, we can appreciate those older looks and have little issues with them. Though we’re sure most even newer games may not care about the retro vibe if they can appreciate a fun game.

Online wise, Windjammers also has a few issues. While we didn’t run into any online issues—or local for that matter—there have been reports by others online that have noticed some lag and while it doesn’t ruin the game it can still be seen as annoying. We also wish there was more options of customization online but again just having an online service for a game that originally only supported couch multiplayer is a truly great thing indeed.

Honey's Gameplay Consensus:

Box-art-wind-Windjammers-Capture-300x329 Windjammers - PlayStation 4 Review
Windjammers is an old game but on modern consoles. However, despite the age of Windjammers, it still is a ton of fun to play and really will be a treat to those who could never own the original or haven’t ever tried it before. The fact that you can play online now—seeing as the original never had online access—is a really great thing and while it may suffer from occasional lag it’s not a deal breaker by any means. We do wish Windjammers had maybe some extra modes or characters but developer DotEmu truly wanted to keep Windjammers as original as possible and that is okay with us to be honest. For only $14.99, Windjammers is a fun game that will remind us of the simpler days of great gaming. If you can see past the age of Windjammers then what awaits you is a game that you will have fun with for quite some time.

Honey's Pros:

  • Simple but fun gameplay
  • Mastery of gameplay is a must
  • Mini games are fun distractions
  • Online play
  • Retro looks
  • Decent price of admission

Honey's Cons:

  • Online can be a bit laggy at times
  • Not much in terms of overall package
  • May not appeal to those who don’t like retro games
  • May get old fast for some

Honey's Final Verdict:

Box-art-wind-Windjammers-Capture-300x329 Windjammers - PlayStation 4 Review
In this day and age older games seem to keep returning and sometimes it can be a bit annoying when you have to rebuy a title you may own. However, in the case of Windjammers, this isn’t an issue seeing as how many never got the chance to even play it seeing as how it was an obscure title when it released back in 1994. Trust us while Windjammers may not be a deep title filled with tons of characters or an arousing story, the gameplay is enough to find yourself lost for hours playing. Are you excited for Windjammers returning to the PS4 and PS Vita? Let us here at Honey’s Anime know in the comments down below. As always if you love our reviews and want to continue supporting our site just keep coming back to read more game reviews and articles!

Box-art-wind-Windjammers-Capture-300x329 Windjammers - PlayStation 4 Review


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