With This BL Manhwa, You Can Enjoy a Sexy Cam Show at Full Volume

While cam shows are commonly associated with women, there’s a huge world to be explored here, where men also decide to start their own streaming gig in order to earn some money. In fact, it’s not like cam boys are foreign to the world of BL: the popular manhwa BJ Alex tells the story of a famous cam boy who starts dating one of his fans.

Full Volume seems to be going in that same direction, but it’s still too early to know since there are only a few chapters out. Why don’t we check what this story is all about while we wait?

Hiding In Plain Sight

Being an important author automatically puts you in the spotlight, and that’s something Dowon doesn’t like. Having written more than a dozen books about traveling and culture in foreign countries, Dowon has a loyal fanbase, but none of them know how he looks. This writer values his privacy and has managed to keep his identity a secret. And the fact that there’s a mysterious face hiding behind the pseudonym "Coral Snake" might be one of the reasons why Dowon’s books are so popular.

Another secret that this author is hiding is that every night, he watches a cam show. He’s not a casual viewer, though; Dowon is addicted to the streamer’s shows, always tipping him generously. Dowon is not the only one hiding a secret. Right across the hallway, in another apartment, there’s a young man sitting in front of a camera. He’s naked, his face covered with a cap and a facemask. The light on the camera turns red and Snow Tiger’s stream begins.

Getting Suspicious

Another thing that Dowon values is people not wasting his time, but lately he’s been having to go out of his way to interact with a rude neighbor. For some reason, all of his neighbor’s packages are getting delivered to his door instead, so every time he goes out in the morning, Dowon finds himself bumping into boxes addressed to the apartment in front of his.

Since Dowon is a good person at heart, he takes the packages to his neighbor every time, but the young man who opens the door doesn’t seem to know what good manners are. When a package labeled as “adult toys” arrives at his door, Dowon decides he’s had enough. He asks his neighbor to talk to the delivery company to sort the problem out and all he gets in exchange is the door being slammed on his face. To calm down, he starts watching Snow Tiger’s stream, only to notice a very familiar box right behind him…

Fan vs Fan

After noticing that box, Dowon starts to connect the dots and, even though he doesn’t want to believe his neighbor is a cam boy, the evidence is undeniable. Dowon can’t deny that Beom is definitely his type—and we’re not just talking about his slender yet muscular body, as Dowon has seen everything there’s to see and like thanks to Beom’s cam shows.

At first, Beom thinks Dowon is a bit scary, but as time goes by, he gets used to his face. It doesn’t take long for Beom to learn that Dowon is Coral Snake, his favorite author. One day, after things get a bit heated between the two, and while they’re in the middle of an argument, Beom tells Dowon he knows he’s Coral Snake, so Dowon tells him that he knows that Beom is Snow Tiger, the cam boy. Shocked and embarrassed, Beom leaves and Dowon immediately regrets blurting that line out. But that doesn’t stop him from going back to his house and enjoying Snow Tiger’s steamy show. Beom’s body is simply irresistible, and Dowon can’t help but fantasize how it’d feel to be inside him…

Final Thoughts

Like we mentioned before, there are not a lot of chapters out yet, but we can already tell this story is about to go down a red hot road. We just know that! If there’s a cam boy involved in this story, there are going to be plenty of scenes where we’ll get to see him naked and doing all sorts of lewd things. We can’t wait to see where this story goes and all the steamy moments it’ll bless us with!

full-volume With This BL Manhwa, You Can Enjoy a Sexy Cam Show at Full Volume

Author: Yaz L.

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