Would You Join Murderous Llewellyn’s Candlelit Dinner?

You are all invited to a romantic dinner surrounded by candles in a small apartment in the outskirts of town. We highly encourage you to come and join us at Murderous Llewellyn’s Candlelit Dinner, where we’ll have an enjoyable time.

Based on an original web novel, this manhwa has great potential to become a must-read among BL fans, but those who like psychological thrillers might find this manhwa interesting too, so give it a try!

An Author’s Circumstances

There are not a lot of options when it comes to renting a place for an author with little income. Shevon is aware of this, and he understands that living in a rundown apartment in a dangerous neighborhood is the best he can do. Even though the place is not great, Shevon has been through worse, so he finds the place rather welcoming.

Used to ignore his surroundings, Shevon barely notices all the homeless people sleeping near the building. It doesn’t even bother him that much that there’s a serial killer roaming around. One day, however, things take a turn and Shevon starts to consider moving to a different place. Someone is stalking him, leaving notes stuck to his door, knocking in the middle of the night, and even spying inside the flat through the keyhole. If a stalker is not enough reason to move, there’s also a handsome yet creepy man who’s always sitting at the stairs right in front of Shevon’s apartment. What is his deal?

A Friendly Neighbor

After returning home one day, Shevon finds a man sitting on the stairs. The first thing that he notices is that the stranger is very good-looking: tall and slim, with short blond hair and a warm smile. The second thing he notices is that the stranger is peeling onions. Shevon doesn’t question this weird attitude and ignores the man, but he finds him sitting on the same spot the very next day. And the day after that…

Shevon is already tired of seeing him there and decides to confront him. He learns that the man’s name is Llewellyn and that he lives on the same floor. Just by looking at him, he can also tell two things: he has money and he’s obsessed with onions. Some time after this conversation, Llewellyn invites Shevon over for dinner, saying that it’ll make him really happy to have him over. Shevon accepts the invitation, hoping that it’ll be a one-time-only event. However, things don’t go exactly as planned and Shevon discovers that evading Llewellyn after that dinner won’t be particularly easy.

Keeping a Secret (For Your Own Good)

When Shevon arrives at Llewellyn’s apartment, he sees that the whole place has a romantic atmosphere. There are candles everywhere, giving off a sweet scent. He could enjoy a good meal with his neighbor, but then he discovers something unsettling in the kitchen: the main dish is boiled onions! Is Llewellyn some kind of onion fairy?

That’s not the worst discovery Shevon makes in that apartment, though. While wandering around, he finds a door and decides to see what’s behind, only to find a man lying on the floor in a pool of blood, surrounded by candles. Keeping what he saw a secret is the best option unless he wants to become the next victim, so after that dinner, Shevon keeps his distance from Llewellyn and treats him with indifference. Is his neighbor the serial killer everyone’s been talking about? Is Llewellyn his stalker? There are so many questions going through Shevon’s head and no answers to give him peace.

Final Thoughts

Murderous Llewellyn’s Candlelit Dinner mixes several genres to give us an intriguing story and appealing characters. BL fans will enjoy this story because of the main characters and their chemistry, while casual readers will enjoy this because of the psychological plot.

We can’t wait to see where this story goes and if we’ll get to see some action between Shevon and Llewellyn!

Murderous-Lewellyns-Candlelit-Dinner-splash Would You Join Murderous Llewellyn’s Candlelit Dinner?

Author: Yaz L.

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