Wuppo - PlayStation 4 Review

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Cute, tough and all around fun

Game Info: (Box Display)

  • System: PS4, PC, Xbox One
  • Developer: SOEDESCO Publishing
  • Developer: Knuist & Perzik
  • Release Date: Nov 10, 2017
  • Pricing:$14.99
  • Genre: E for Everyone
  • Genre: Adventure, Platformer, Action
  • Genre: 1
  • Official Website: http://wuppogame.com/

Who it Caters to

wuppo_logo_v5-Wuppo-Capture-500x500 Wuppo - PlayStation 4 Review

Who it Caters to (Use WO #1)
Are you someone who misses older platforming adventure games that look cute but are tough and occasionally anything but cute? If you raised your hand and are jumping up and down then you’re going to want to play Wuppo. With a world filled with classic 2D platforming and exploration, roll and jump your way through various areas. Enemies come in a wide assortment of types and while Wuppo might make you go aww thanks to the cute graphics but don’t let that distract you from the tough bosses and enemies that will stop you from progressing. Wuppo’s world may be a strange one but that won’t stop it from appealing to those who love adventure games that do things slightly different than the rest.

What to Expect

wuppo_logo_v5-Wuppo-Capture-500x500 Wuppo - PlayStation 4 Review
Going into Wuppo, you might think it’s a game simply geared for younger audiences. However, Wuppo will surprise any fan of adventure platformers that like a mixture of comedy with some tougher gameplay. Solve puzzles, defeat various bosses and go on a quest that will make you laugh and scratch your head at the same time. With visually pleasing cartoon stylings and classic gameplay, Wuppo will appeal to all age thanks to its humor and story. Though don’t be surprised if Wuppo’s story seems extremely random at times.


wuppo_logo_v5-Wuppo-Capture-500x500 Wuppo - PlayStation 4 Review
On a strange planet, there exists a group of furry creatures known as Wums. One particular Wum—your main character—has found himself living a life of slothfulness until an incident causes him to be thrown out of his apartment complex. Now searching for a new place to call home, the lone Wum must traverse an interesting landscape filled with other Wums and even other creatures and being. However, our lone Wum will also find itself becoming a hero of sorts when it gets wrapped up in an adventure of a lifetime. Get ready for a quirky tale in a world that’s even more zany in Wuppo.


wuppo_logo_v5-Wuppo-Capture-500x500 Wuppo - PlayStation 4 Review
Let’s face it, games like Wuppo at first glance might not appeal to all audiences. The first thing most people will see looking at the art of Wuppo is little fuzzy creatures and cartoon-like graphics and think it’s a title truly made for kids. We won’t lie this was our thoughts at first here at Honey’s Anime as well when we were given a review copy. Though were our initial judgments of Wuppo accurate or is there more to this cute adventure then meets the eye? Let’s find out together in our review of Wuppo.

First, let’s describe the theme of Wuppo. Players take control of a fuzzy white fluff being known as Wum and must traverse various landscapes. As you play Wuppo you’ll have to jump, shoot and solve puzzles as you try to reach each new location and solve what it is you must do there. On paper, Wuppo almost sounds overly formulaic but in reality, thanks to the very comedic story and character—as well as the world of Wuppo as a whole—Wuppo is far from formulaic in nature. Though let us examine the gameplay of Wuppo a little closer.

Wuppo is a very simple game to control. Quite literally, there are only a handful of actions your Wum character can do such as jump on platforms, interact with people and items and shoot at baddies. Though, that simplicity makes Wuppo easy to manipulate for younger kids and even those who aren’t too good at platformers. However, don’t let the simple gameplay design fool you as Wuppo has some brutal difficulty in the form of bosses which even on medium difficulty made us yell a few times at our screens. Luckily, there are plenty of save locations—that look like teapots for some reason—so death won’t be too frustrating and usually is a means of learning more than punishing the player. The same can be said of the platforming/puzzles in Wuppo which aren’t too hard to deal with but sometimes can be a bit confusing. Trial and error seems to be your best bet in Wuppo and that applies to the whole game as a whole.

Another strength of Wuppo is the characters and story. Honestly, playing Wuppo for its gameplay is great but staying for the story and dialogue is what makes Wuppo truly solid. The humor in Wuppo sometimes surprised us here at Honey’s Anime as there are some very mature themes within Wuppo but disguised as simple concepts this way to avoid issues with the obvious E rating. Though you’re rewarded for answering dialogue in a good way—though sometimes this isn’t 100% true—we typically found more joying making our cute Wum character snarky and sarcastic just to see how characters reacted. Honestly, we don’t typically say how to play a game but we highly suggest playing the first ten minutes of Wuppo being as sarcastic as possible just to laugh at the reactions of the several characters you run into.

Graphically, Wuppo is a real treat to behold. The hand drawn animation looks awesome and makes the Wuppo world really shine. Equally, the background music does that as well with calming sounds during the adventure elements and stronger tones during the boss fights. Wuppo truly feels like a cartoon world and that always appeals to us here at Honey’s Anime. Now we’ve mentioned everything good about Wuppo but there are a few issues that keep it from being the perfect cute adventure.

Wuppo’s biggest issues aren’t game breaking or reasons not to buy it but they still need to be addressed. First, while we didn’t find Wuppo’s world map overly large, there were times we wished a map was included in Wuppo just so we could see where we were. We never got lost per say but at times trying to remember how to go back to an older area became kind of confusing and sometimes would get us lost. Another small issue we have with Wuppo is the bosses which can be annoying at times and while it isn’t impossible to learn their moves and patterns a lot of their damaging attacks can feel almost unavoidable.

Honey's Gameplay Consensus:

wuppo_logo_v5-Wuppo-Capture-500x500 Wuppo - PlayStation 4 Review
From beginning to end, Wuppo truly kept us extremely entertained. Thanks to simple but fun gameplay and a truly humor filled tale, Wuppo truly kept us smiling even as we sometimes found some of the bosses to be truly annoying and difficult. There were times we would find ourselves reloading saves just to see different dialogue choices because each dialogue option has some humor to be found and it makes Wuppo a truly laugh out loud title. Wuppo has only a few failings in the form of a short campaign—about 3-5 hours give or take—and sometimes some poor design choices but overall Wuppo is truly a great title. We here at Honey’s Anime fully give a recommendation to buy Wuppo if you want an adventure title that provides tough gameplay but with a laid back and unique story.

Honey's Pros:

  • Laugh out loud story and narrative
  • Fun gameplay
  • Solid controls
  • Impressive hand drawn art
  • Good for all ages

Honey's Cons:

  • A map wouldn’t be a bad thing
  • Campaign can be quite short for some depending on your skill level
  • Bosses can be a bit annoying/overly difficult

Honey's Final Verdict:

wuppo_logo_v5-Wuppo-Capture-500x500 Wuppo - PlayStation 4 Review
Wuppo was truly a surprising title for us here at Honey’s Anime. While cute games are always visually appealing, they tend to be too childish and offer little fun for those who might be older. However, Wuppo is extremely fun with humor that can appeal to both kids and adults. For the price of admission, Wuppo is truly a great game and we seriously hope many people play this brilliant adventure title. Are you now excited for Wuppo and or do you think you’re going to give it a pass cause it’s just not for you? Comment down below so we can hear your thoughts and for more gaming reviews and articles keep stuck to our beautiful hive here at Honey’s Anime.

wuppo_logo_v5-Wuppo-Capture-500x500 Wuppo - PlayStation 4 Review


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