8th Season of Yami Shibai to Begin in January 2021

Yami Shibai 8

Horror, Supernatural, Demon

Airing Date:
Winter 2021


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"Come on, Come on, please come here and view it. It's time to begin Yami Shibai..."

The eight season of the horror short story anime that depicts various strange urban legends that happen all around us. Using a now-rarely-seen “paper picture show” style, this Show is sure to be a thriller!

The main theme of the 8th Seeson is "invisible horror".

Characters & Voice Actors

Story Teller: Kanji Tsuda

He’s an old man who appears to tell ghost stories which originate in Japanese urban legends.

Theme Songs
  • Ending Song: "Twilight feat. Pecori." by imai
Main Staff
  • Script: Hiromu Kumamoto / Mitsuhi Sasagi / Saki Kuniyoshi / Kanako Ishigami / Norikatsu Kodama
  • Animation Drawer: Yoroshi Aka / Yukio Kanesada / Saya Kanemura / Asano Tsubo / Shoma Mutou

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