All About BL Movie "Yes ka No ka Hanbun ka"

Yes ka No ka Hanbun ka

Drama, BL/Shounen-Ai

Airing Date:
December 11, 2020


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Kei Kunieda is a young, popular TV announcer with two extremely different personas. Contrary to the perfect outward appearance he puts on at work, which has earned him the nickname “The Prince”, inside he is hot-tempered and curses at all the “incompetent fools” around him.

One day while Kei is walking home, Ushio Tsuzuki, an animation artist he met while covering a story, nearly collides into him on his bike, causing him to crash. Fortunately, Ushio doesn’t recognize him in his beat-up sweats and facemask. Kei immediately hides his real name and gives him the fake name Owari. Being partly to blame for Ushio injuring his arm in the crash, Kei gets roped into helping him out with his work.

At first, Kei begrudgingly works with him but after a while, he realizes that he can be himself around Ushio and begins to enjoy their time together. However, Ushio is attracted to the cool and professional TV announcer Kei Kunieda. This story dives into the strange love triangle between Kei, Ushio, and Owari.

Characters & Voice Actors

Yes-ka-No-ka-Hanbun-ka-KV All About BL Movie "Yes ka No ka Hanbun ka"
Kei Kunieda: Atsushi Abe

A 27-year-old handsome young man with impressive reading skills. He is a popular TV announcer for Asahi TV who can also do comedic roles. He’s famous as being a hard-working and friendly “prince,” but that is actually a facade he puts on at work.
Yes-ka-No-ka-Hanbun-ka-KV All About BL Movie "Yes ka No ka Hanbun ka"
Ushio Tsuzuki: Yoshihisa Kawahara

A 27-year-old popular animation artist. A simple guy who does things at his own pace. He is in charge of creating the opening animations for the Asahi TV nightly news, which is where he first meets Kei.

Theme Songs
  • Opening Song: "Sekai to Kakurenbo" by Kei Kunieda (CV: Atsushi Abe), Ushio Tsuzuki (CV: Yoshihisa Kawahara)
"Yes ka No ka Hanbun ka" (Light novel)

Main Staff
  • Original Creator: Michi Ichiho
  • Director: Masahiro Takata
  • Script: Masahiro Takata
  • Character Design: Ayano Oowada
  • Original Illustrator: Rara Takemiya
  • Music: Toshiki Hasegawa

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