Yo-kai Watch 3 - Nintendo 3DS Review

A new adventure awaits in BBQ!

Game Info:

  • System: Nintendo 3DS
  • Publisher: Nintendo
  • Developer: LEVEL-5
  • Release Date: February 8, 2019

Who it Caters to

YK-2-Yo-kai-Watch-3-capture-416x500 Yo-kai Watch 3 - Nintendo 3DS Review
Pokémon was a series we grew up with as gamers and anime fans, but for this generation, there is a new contender to love and that is the Yo-kai Watch series. Similar to other classics like Digimon and Pokémon, Yo-kai Watch has allowed younger gamers to find a new series to step into as they discovered Yo-kai and befriend them to fight other nefarious Yo-kai who are up to no good. Yo-kai Watch 3 continues the franchise but is this newest title worthy of the legacy that is now Yo-kai Watch? Our review of Yo-kai Watch 3 will tell you that answer and plenty more and all you need to do is scroll on down to continue reading it for yourselves!

What to Expect

YK-2-Yo-kai-Watch-3-capture-416x500 Yo-kai Watch 3 - Nintendo 3DS Review
Mirroring past titles, Yo-kai Watch 3 takes players on a journey to meet with new Yo-kai and even control a new heroine in her own story! Once more, you’ll have to scan for Yo-kai in a completely new town to stop them from doing silly and sometimes dastardly acts! Grow your Yo-kai by having them battle others and maybe those enemies you face will join your team! With over 600 Yo-kai new and old, Yo-kai Watch 3 is chock full of new faces, a brand-new dual story and a new journey to be had!


YK-2-Yo-kai-Watch-3-capture-416x500 Yo-kai Watch 3 - Nintendo 3DS Review
Nate’s dad has got some quite shocking news for him and his mother. Due to a new job he’s gotten, Nate and his family are heading to live in a new city called BBQ! Nate thought that he would be leaving behind all of his friends and new Yo-kai companions but he’s about to learn some new Yo-kai are awaiting in BBQ just waiting to be befriended and possibly cause trouble. Meanwhile, a girl named Hailey tries to get a limited-edition item but ends up with a Yo-kai watch and also begins to meet the hidden beings! Two journeys await in Yo-kai Watch 3!


YK-2-Yo-kai-Watch-3-capture-416x500 Yo-kai Watch 3 - Nintendo 3DS Review
While many consider the Yo-kai Watch series to be a copy of Pokémon, we here at Honey’s Anime have always considered developer Level-5’s creation to be a truly fun and exciting series. We know we aren’t alone in this thought process seeing as how the Yo-kai Watch series has evolved into an anime franchise and has sold tons of toys for kids and young teens alike! If you need further proof of its success, all you need to do is look at the fact that here we are again, with yet another entry in the gaming series, Yo-kai Watch 3! Is Yo-kai Watch 3 a brand-new adventure worth taking for fans or newcomers or does it show that this series needs to wrap up? Let’s find out in our review of Yo-kai Watch 3 for the Nintendo 3DS!

Originally releasing in 2013—not to long after the manga series started up—Yo-kai Watch delivered what would be a rather cute and intriguing take on RPG games like Pokémon or even Digimon. Players would assume the role of a young man named Nate as they ended up earning themselves a strange watch that allowed them to see Yo-kai—demons and or creatures unseen by most—and equally befriend them to use in battle. Rather than control each Yo-kai individually, players would only be able to assist their partners as they fought on their own against other Yo-kai. With Yo-kai Watch 3 not much has changed in this format but some new elements have been added which help this latest addition in the series immensely.

The brunt of Yo-kai Watch 3 is combat and not much has changed from the original games. Yo-kai Watch 3 still has players not directly controlling the creatures—as mentioned above—but only helping them via several action. Players can unleash special moves called Soultimate—which is where you’ll perform various mini games to unleash attacks on enemies—purify their Yo-kai when they are hit with status effects, use items or target specific enemies. It’s a very simplified RPG system that works well enough to give Yo-kai Watch 3 a challenge but not be too hard for the younger gamers. Though there are some new elements to Yo-kai Watch 3 and these are some rather important new concepts.

Yo-kai Watch 3 allows for a bit more control than previous entries by giving players a new grid like structure to move their Yo-kai around and perform new actions depending on their placement. Having a Yo-kai take the center while others are behind him/her allows the ones behind to be shielded from harm. Equally, having one or more Yo-kai on the same plane gives them special link attacks that they will use if they belong to one of the several Yo-kai categories. It might sound complex and overly complicated but Yo-kai Watch 3 was made with kids in mind so it does a very good job explaining new elements not seen from past games as well as explain gameplay concepts for newcomers to the series.

Another new addition in Yo-kai Watch 3 is the second playable character, Hailey. Nate and Hailey will now go on separate adventures across two different areas allowing for dual stories to be enjoyed together! This is easily one of the best elements to Yo-kai Watch 3 as we loved Hailey and her rather quirky persona but equally were happy to see a female being given a main role in the Yo-kai Watch series.

Outside of combat, the brunt of Yo-kai Watch 3 comes in the form of exploring new areas like BBQ—yes that is the name of the new town—and finding/fighting Yo-kai. Each character—Nate and Hailey—have their own stories to engage in and also their own Yo-kai to find. This dual character system was an ingenious idea as we loved to explore not one but two rather large locals. Plus, each story is truly fun and comedic, with Hailey’s tale winning slightly over Nate’s story. Hailey is an anime fan—which is apparent with the Sailor Moon themed anime she loves—and her randomness occasionally makes us chuckle. Nate is still the primary character of Yo-kai Watch 3 but we wouldn’t mind seeing Hailey return in future installments.

If we had any issues with Yo-kai Watch 3, it would be the sometimes-random difficulty spikes we encountered while playing. There were several occasions where we would go from an easy fight to a battle with Yo-kai that obliterated us as if we were under leveled. There’s a quick checkpoint system when you fail but it was a bit shocking to see such tough fights in a game geared for kids. Graphically too, Yo-kai Watch 3 doesn’t look that much more impressive than either 1 or 2 and we hope that means Yo-kai Watch 4 might be on the Nintendo Switch sooner rather than later. Yo-kai Watch 3 still looks quite solid and we loved the anime charm it presents but we know it could look better if it was on the Switch rather than the 3DS.

Honey's Gameplay Consensus:

YK-2-Yo-kai-Watch-3-capture-416x500 Yo-kai Watch 3 - Nintendo 3DS Review
Yo-kai Watch 3 isn’t dramatically different in terms of gameplay from the original 2 games but we think that’s okay given that this system works. The new additions—such as the new playable Hailey and the grid system—gives Yo-kai Watch 3 just enough to show improvement rather than stagnation. Though, these concepts do show us that Yo-kai Watch needs to go in a new direction eventually to avoid becoming too formulaic in later installments. If Yo-kai Watch 4 plays like Yo-kai Watch 3 we will say that maybe it’s a title you’ll want to skip. At the moment though, Yo-kai Watch 3 deserves a purchase whether you’re a fan of the series or a newcomer.

Honey's Pros:

  • Playing as not one but two characters now adds a bit of diversity to Yo-kai Watch 3
  • Fun story with some clever dialogue
  • New grid system during fights makes for some new strategic approaches in combat
  • Hailey is a fun new character
  • Tons of new Yo-kai to collect

Honey's Cons:

  • Feels very similar to past games
  • Graphically showing some age
  • Odd difficulty spikes

Honey's Final Verdict:

YK-2-Yo-kai-Watch-3-capture-416x500 Yo-kai Watch 3 - Nintendo 3DS Review
Yo-kai Watch 3 offers players two characters to play as, 600 Yo-kai to meet and a slew of new combat changes that make for some better fights. Basically, Yo-kai Watch 3 clearly shows that Level-5 is learning from their past titles and knows where to make improvements that will keep players entertained. Though for older gamers, Yo-kai Watch needs new elements as the current system is beginning to show its age and reminds us that a change is needed eventually. Are you playing Yo-kai Watch 3 currently or are you going to pick it up now after hearing what we thought of it? Comment below to let us know and to help others make a decision on Yo-kai Watch 3! Be sure to keep stuck to our hive for more articles and reviews done by the busy bees here at Honey’s Anime!

YK-2-Yo-kai-Watch-3-capture-416x500 Yo-kai Watch 3 - Nintendo 3DS Review


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