Airing Date:
Winter 2020

Eight Bit

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Hinaria is unemployed, gaming every day.
One day she decides to hack the servers belongingto the Beholder Group for some money,
and she stumbles across a carefully secured record of two witches,
Alice and Rimel.
The two women wished to coexist with mankind,
and the history they experienced is connected to the modern ZENONZARD.

Characters & Voice Actors

Hinaria Darkend: Rie Takahashi
Alice: Yo Daichi
Rimel: Sayaka Ohara
Mina: Juri Kimura

Airing Info

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Main Staff
  • Original Creator: Kouhei Kadono
  • Director: Shin Tosaka
  • Character Design: Kenichirou Katsura
  • Music: Sunrise Music

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bee-happy1 ZENONZARD
bee-happy1 ZENONZARD
bee-happy1 ZENONZARD
bee-happy1 ZENONZARD

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