Zero Escape: The Nonary Games - PlayStation Vita Review

Will You Be Able to Get Out Alive?

Game Info:

  • System: PS Vita, PC (Steam), PS4
  • Publisher: Aksys Games
  • Developer: Spike Chunsoft Co., Ltd
  • Release Date: March 24, 2017
  • Price:$49.99 (PS4, PC), $39.99 (PS Vita)
  • Rating: M for Mature
  • Genre: Adventure, Visual Novel
  • Players: 1
  • Official Website:

Who it Caters to

Who is a fan of mysteries? Who likes visual novels? Or games of life or death? Well, just sit down right there because we have a game for you. Today, we are showing you an old goodie in new packaging: Zero Escape: The Nonary Games. Have you heard of it? Maybe? Well, Aksys Games has presented to us Zero Escape: The Nonary Games, a compilation of the Zero Escape games, Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors and Virtue’s Last Reward, which were released on the Nintendo DS and Nintendo 3DS respectively. However, for those who never jumped on the bandwagon and gotten either system never got to experience these games. With this latest port from Aksys Games, you can now play these wondrous life or death games right on a console near you!

What to Expect

With this port to PS4, PS Vita, and PC, you can expect the graphics of Zero Escape: The Nonary Games to be revamped up compared to their initial release on their respective Nintendo DS systems. You can also choose to change the spoken language for both games to either English or Japanese (because we all like to listen to it dubbed, right? Yeah, no). A really great feature in Zero Escape: The Nonary Games.

A flow chart was introduced in the game to allow you to change scenes so that you don’t have to replay your game constantly to get a different ending. This is supported by the inclusion of 30 save slots for each game making it that much easier for you to get as many of the endings as possible. Now you can save yourself a little time with these great inclusions!


Now, if you have never heard of the Zero Escape games, then let us enlighten you a little. In Zero Escape: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors, you awaken to find that you do not know where you are. It looks like a mysterious room, but you soon find out that you are below deck when the window breaks and water begins to flood into the cabin. That is when you need to figure out what to do to get yourself out. Little did you know, this is just the start of a game of life or death and you have no choice but to participate.

If that piqued your interest a bit, then hang in there. Zero Escape: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors is just the start. Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward begins in an elevator. You awaken to find that you are trapped in an elevator with a girl you don’t know. How did you get there? Where are you? There’s no time to figure it out because you are then prompted to figure your way out of the elevator lest it drops you to your death. However, just because you managed to free yourself from your metal prison doesn’t mean the game is over. Your misfortune is just beginning so you better make all the right decisions because one wrong decision will be the end of you and everyone else.


As a visual novel game, Zero Escape: The Nonary Games is very similar to many others. A lot of the gameplay is text based so you are expected to read a lot of the texts to really get the most of the gameplay. If you are not interested in reading what Zero Escape The Nonary Games has to offer, there is a feature that allows you to skip the text right at the start rather than having to play the game once through. Let us tell you, though, that the best part of the game falls in its plot as the Zero Escape series is known for its storytelling.

Aside from the story itself, Zero Escape: The Nonary Games features a wide array of puzzles that are embedded in the story itself. You are given a set of multiple puzzles that you need to solve to earn points that will allow you to escape your prison. The puzzles change depending on your choices so you can continue to replay the game multiple times without having to replay the same puzzles. Prior to and after each puzzle, you must make a choice that will ultimately affect the outcome of the story. Who do you want to accompany you for each puzzle? Can you trust them enough to not make a bid on your life in order for all of you to get out safely? Can you put your fate in the hands of others?

Both Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors and Virtue’s Last Reward are also packed with great soundtracks that really make you lose yourself in the plot. In your mind, you can try as you might convince yourself that it is just a game, but the music pulls you in and adds to the excitement of the game. Will you be able to figure out how to get out? Will you die? Will you get stuck? There is no way you can keep yourself calm playing this game.

Honey's Gameplay Consensus:

Now that you know a little bit about Zero Escape: The Nonary Games, it is time to check out our thoughts on the game.

Honey's Pros:

  • That story, though. It is just amazing. Why are you a prisoner? Why were you chosen? What is the true purpose behind these games? Play and find out.
  • The game’s length is short of endless. It can take many days to solve every puzzle, but you also have to replay the game multiple times to get the right endings or all of the endings.
  • The graphics are touched up and really make a great visual impression on the PS Vita’s screen
  • Compared to many full text based games, Zero Escape: The Nonary Games is interactive enough to keep you engaged without boring you with too much text
  • The puzzles can be challenging, but you can switch to Easy mode should the puzzles get the best of you.
  • The flow chart makes it a lot easier to replay the game and get the other endings

Honey's Cons:

  • Time: You will lose a lot of time playing Zero Escape: The Nonary Games and you will find it hard to put it down even when you have to get up to go to work or take a test in the morning
  • Sometimes it feels like you have to repeat the same actions multiple times to figure out exactly what to do next because the response rate may not be that great
  • There should have been some proofreading of the original script as certain words and phrases made no sense, and Alice’s name changed to Alas pretty quickly. It can be really confusing

Honey's Final Verdict:

With that, this is the end of our Zero Escape: The Nonary Games review. If you couldn’t tell, we really enjoyed the games! We hope you do too. Gotta give it to Aksys Games for porting the game to the PS Vita, PS4, and PC for all of those who lacked the necessary hardware to play the games before. Now, have any of you gotten your hands on this glorious game yet? What do you think about it? Or any of you waiting to buy the game? Well, what are you waiting for?


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