Zombidle: Remonstered - Steam/PC Review

zombidle-logo-Zombidle-Remonstered-capture-500x244 Zombidle: Remonstered - Steam/PC Review

Click and Destroy!!

Game Info

  • System: Steam, iOS, Android
  • Publisher: Berzerk Studio
  • Developer: Berzerk Studio
  • Release Date: May 30, 2017
  • Price:Free to Play
  • Rating: E
  • Genre: Action, Indie, Strategy, Clicking
  • Players: Single Player
  • Official Website: http://www.zombidle.com/

Zombidle Steam Trailer

Who it Caters to

zombidle-logo-Zombidle-Remonstered-capture-500x244 Zombidle: Remonstered - Steam/PC Review
We all have those days when work is just overwhelming, paperwork is stacked on top of our desks, and the lunch we had early in the day was just bland and lightweight. You’re in search for a remedy that would just make all of those lousy things disappear and start anew. Zombidle: Remonstered is perhaps that remedy because it’s a game that doesn’t require much out of you; all it takes is a lot of clicking (or mashing) of the keyboard or mouse to rack up points and destroy everything in your path. Zombidle: Remonstered is a free-to-play strategy clicker game where you control a horde of zombies and other creatures that will tear down houses and wreak havoc on the villagers around them. The concept is totally simple and yet it’s totally addicting the more you play since you can dictate the pace of the game, while leveling up your creatures to inflict more damage on the villages you visit.

What to Expect

zombidle-logo-Zombidle-Remonstered-capture-500x244 Zombidle: Remonstered - Steam/PC Review
Zombidle: Remonstered is as basic as it gets but the deeper you dive into it, there’s an enormous amount of depth that will require you to always be alert of your creature levels, along with a plethora of other things such as learning about a ton of skills to assist you in battle. As you tear your way through towns and villages you’ll be collecting skulls and other important gems which will help to level up your creatures but also be of good use when it comes to buying items or even real estate. There’s free content that’s thrown into the mix as well which adds even more incentive to pick up and play, and updates take place twice a month so you’re always assured to get something fresh and exciting to try out.


zombidle-logo-Zombidle-Remonstered-capture-500x244 Zombidle: Remonstered - Steam/PC Review

So you star as Bob the Necromancer who finds pleasure in just making everyone else's life a living hell, so he hires a bunch of evil creatures to terrorize whoever stands in his way. As we stated earlier much of the gameplay consists of you just clicking away as fast as you can to level up your team, and gathering all the dropped items that come from destroying every town in your way. While the game may just be about clicking like a madman to rack up points and speed up the leveling process, there’s a lot to consider when doing so because the further you progress the harder the villages become to destroy. Houses take a lot more time to fall down and so a lot of the time you’ll be multi-clicking (multitasking) and making sure that you’re able to unlock new creatures as they become available, but also to make sure everyone is on equal terms. It got a little tricky after a while because your focus is so much on what’s happening in front of you, but if you start to get lazy and not be wary of your creature’s levels your fingers will start turning into mush since you’ll be working a lot harder.

The strategy doesn’t just come in the form of organization however, as you’ll have to come up with a quick solution on how to click faster without killing your fingers. We opted to use the keyboard and just pretended like we were sitting at the office typing away furiously, and we watched as the points racked up and the damage was being dealt. A part of us felt like gods as we just obliterated town after town, leaving behind nothing but rubble and utter destruction. Be that as it may Zombidle: Remonstered runs into a snag when it comes to really maxing out the potential, since there’s a paywall that you’ll run into. Now mind you the paywall isn’t too pricey and you can probably get through without paying a dime like we did, but to those who really want to get the best experience out of it may find themselves spending a little coin to get that extra buff or two. Also, let’s consider the amount of hard work and devotion the team put behind the game, so even if you do happen to spend cash you’re supporting the devs and that’s number one.

zombidle-logo-Zombidle-Remonstered-capture-500x244 Zombidle: Remonstered - Steam/PC Review
We will say this though and it’s that Berzerk Studio really have their ear to the streets and are willing to take advice from the community to help make their game better. The version we played on was the more recent PC version which came with a ton of upgrades, one of which being its visuals. This was a huge jump from the mobile version which saw tremendous success but visually speaking it wasn’t entirely that great. Zombidle: Remonstered runs flawlessly on just about any PC whether you have a little notebook or the more high end desktops, and that’s a huge plus because the game can be played just about anywhere without hiccup. Unlike most titles these days that take up a large majority of your hard drive and require a ton of graphic and cpu upgrades, Zombidle: Remonstered ignores all of that and simply focuses on the gameplay which is very fun and addicting the more you play. Again this is the type of game that you can play whenever you feel restless or perhaps your day at work just isn’t cutting it. In the case of the latter it may even be used as a ruse so that your boss may think you’re hard at work getting all of those accounting documents sorted out. Whatever the case may be Zombidle: Remonstered is a game that requires very little but you get a lot out of it, if you spend enough time with it.

Honey's Gameplay Consensus:

zombidle-logo-Zombidle-Remonstered-capture-500x244 Zombidle: Remonstered - Steam/PC Review
In the end Zombidle: Remonstered is a game that anyone can pick up and play without much fuss about the length or anything of that sort. It’s a game that encourages you to just let out whatever stress is on your chest and be a bad guy (or bad girl) for a day, and make everyone else’s lives a living hell. Burn down some towns, build up your own little snazzy town of your own, collect your rewards and cherish the experience. Outside of all of that however and there’s not much else to the game, which may be a bummer to some but that wasn’t the objective of Berzerk Studios in the first place. It’s like a fast food joint, you go in and you order what you love, sit down and destroy whatever’s in front of you, then walk out satisfied. If you ever feel the urge for another refill then it’s always there to satisfy your cravings. Even better is that your refills are always free, and you can utilize the cross platform feature to take Zombidle: Remonstered anywhere!

Honey's Pros:

  • Mash your way to victory.
  • Very community driven game with monthly updates.
  • Free to Play!
  • Cross Platform play also!

Honey's Cons:

  • The paywall may turn some players off (You should be supporting indie devs anyway!!).

Honey's Final Verdict:

Zombidle: Remonstered is out now and Steam and we highly recommend picking it up if you’re looking to just kick back and mash your keyboard for a while. It’s honestly a great way to pass the time, let’s say if you’re waiting for dinner to finish cooking or maybe you have some extra laundry to finish up. It’s nothing like an RPG where lots of hours need to be invested, all you need is just a good solid 30 minutes each time is enough to keep your fingers in shape. Don’t play for anymore than that though because you’ll regret it dearly, as you won’t have enough energy to type after that. We hope you found this review to be insightful and resourceful, which will make your purchase that much easier. If you like our reviews here at Honey’s Anime be sure to share your favorites on social media, and follow us to stay up to date about when more reviews are released! Furthermore, be sure to follow us on Twitch to know when we go live along with Discord to stay connected to the Honey’s gaming community!

As always, for all things sweet, with news straight from Japan, be sure to keep it locked here on Honey’s Anime.

zombidle-logo-Zombidle-Remonstered-capture-500x244 Zombidle: Remonstered - Steam/PC Review


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