10 Best Moments From Black Clover’s Spade Kingdom Raid Arc

Similar to One Piece and My Hero Academia, Black Clover is also currently in the early phases of its final arc. However, before we get excited for the future, let’s take some time to look back at the past for a bit, particularly to the story arc that we just left, the Spade Kingdom Raid Arc. After all, that is easily one of the best story arcs in Black Clover. So here are the 10 best moments from the Spade Kingdom Arc.

If you haven’t read this far into the series yet, then read with caution because there will be some major spoilers up ahead!

10. Charlotte Confesses to Yami

Let’s start our retrospective look with one of the most wholesome moments in this arc. Every fan of the series knows that Charlotte, the captain of Blue Rose, is madly in love with Yami, the captain of Black Bull. Unfortunately, despite her persona as the cold and aloof magic knight captain, she is actually an incredibly shy person, especially when she is around Yami. So there’s no way she would ever confess her feelings to him.

Nevertheless, that is precisely what happened in this arc. During the final battle, the devil Lucifero mercilessly stabs Yami and Nacht’s chests, leaving them mortally wounded. Asta and Yuno manage to defeat the devil, but Yami and Nacht are clearly dying. Seeing the love of her life on death’s door, Charlotte breaks down and cries her heart out. Without realizing it, she confesses her love to Yami. Thankfully, Mimosa manages to heal both of them. Unfortunately, Yami doesn’t remember what Charlotte has said, which leaves her dying of embarrassment.

9. The Truth About Noelle’s Mother

For the longest time, lots of people, including her own siblings, have blamed Noelle for the death of her mother, Acier Silva. After all, Noelle’s mother died a mere year after she gave birth to Noelle. However, the truth is actually a lot more tragic than that.

Not long after Noelle’s birth, Acier was resting in a secluded area with her oldest son, Nozel, and her youngest daughter, Noelle. That was when Vanica Zogratis, a magic knight from the Spade Kingdom and a host to the devil Magicula, appeared out of nowhere and attacked Acier. She even went as far as threatening to kill Nozel and Noelle.

Acier was already weakened at that point, but seeing her children being threatened allowed her to summon her inner strength and land a critical hit on Vanica. Magicula tells Vanica to retreat, but not before she unleashes a powerful curse on Acier. This curse is what eventually kills Acier. When Noelle defeats Vanica and Magicula in the present time, she finally finds out this truth about her mother.

8. Magna Beating Up Dante

Magna has always been an underdog in Black Bull because he has less than the average amount of mana, and his magic is also not that special. However, when it comes to hard work and perseverance, then he is second to none.

That is why in order to be stronger, he decided to learn about magic and runes from his fellow Black Bulls - specifically the master of traps and counter magic, Zora Ideale. It took six months, but they finally came up with an original magic unlike anything that the world had ever seen before.

During one of the final battles of this arc, when his squad mates along with the captain of the Green Mantis are about to be killed by Dante, the host of the devil Lucifero, Magna appears and casts his new magic - Soul Chain Death Match.

This magic forces two participants to combine their mana, and then distribute it evenly between the two of them. Whoever manages to beat the other first will be released from the Soul Chain. A gritty fist fight then ensues, with Magna landing the last punch, and beating Dante.

7. Yuno’s True Identity

Since the start of the series, Yuno has always been incredibly gifted in magic. It’s like he is loved by the magic itself. He has a great reservoir of mana, he has the extremely rare four-leaf clover grimoire, and he is also loved by the wind spirit. Despite being an orphan just like Asta, Yuno is definitely way more talented than him or other commoner. So why is that? Well, as it turns out, the reason is because Yuno is actually the missing crown prince of the Spade Kingdom.

Not long after his birth, the Spade Kingdom was invaded by the Dark Triad. They slaughtered the nobles and the royals, including Yuno’s father, Loyce Grinberryall, the King of the Spade Kingdom. In order to save the royal bloodline, the magic knights of the kingdom sacrificed themselves to bring Yuno far away from the Dark Triad. And that is how Yuno ended up at the doorstep of the church/orphanage in Hage Village of the Clover Kingdom.

6. Yuno’s Second Grimoire

As if having the extremely rare four-leaf clover is not amazing enough, Yuno also receives a second Grimoire during the Spade Kingdom Raid Arc. This happens when Yuno is fighting against Zenon in his full devil-possession form. Zenon is able to dominate the fight, and Yuno can’t do anything to stop him.

At this point, Zenos has just landed a critical hit on Langriss and Finral, while Yuno is lying on the floor, exhausted and wounded. During that moment of despair, a grimoire suddenly appears and hovers over to Yuno. This grimoire bears the mark of the Spade Kingdom, and because Yuno is the crown prince of the kingdom, he receives the same celestial magic as his parents. His father has the Sun Magic, while his mother has the Moon Magic, so Yuno is blessed with the Star Magic.

5. Introducing Black Bull’s Vice Captain

Although the Black Bull squad has been pretty much established since the beginning of Black Clover, more members are still being introduced to this day. We met Zora Ideale during the Royal Knight exam, and we were also introduced to Henry Legolant during the elf attacks.

Another old member that finally makes an appearance in this arc is a man named Nacht Faust, the vice captain of the Black Bull. The reason we haven’t heard about him at all is because he was working as a spy in the Spade Kingdom all this time. But since he got the news about Yami being kidnapped by the Dark Triad, he decided to come back home. Not only to share the information regarding the Spade Kingdom, but also to lead Yami’s rescue mission.

4. Mastering The Devil Union

Before trying to infiltrate the Spade Kingdom and rescue Yami, Nacht decides to help increase Asta’s strength first. After all, Asta was completely dominated by the Dark Triad and their devil possession technique just a couple of days prior. So if he wishes to at least stand at the same level as the Dark Triad, then he also needs to learn how to harness the power of the devil that resides inside him. And the name of this technique is the Devil Union.

Although Nacht Faust’s main attribute is Shadow Magic, he also possesses another power up his sleeve, which is the aforementioned Devil Union. After all, as someone who comes from a family that has made contracts with devils since ancient times, Nacht is not only well-versed in devil powers, but he actually has made contracts with four mid-ranking devils. Furthermore, he can perform a Devil Union with any of those devils. So there is no better person to teach this technique to Asta than the Vice Captain of Black Bulls, Nacht Faust.

3. The Origin of Asta’s Anti Magic

Despite having no mana to speak of, Asta manages to grow into one of the most powerful magic knights in the Clover Kingdom. After all, he always fights on the front lines and often becomes the key to winning fights against some of the strongest opponents in the world, such as the reincarnated Elfs, or the Dark Triad. And the main reason behind this incredible rise is none other than his anti-magic ability.

The series never really explains how someone who has zero mana like Asta could develop something extremely unique like Anti-Magic. Thankfully, we finally get the explanation behind this power in this arc. It turns out that Asta is able to manifest that power thanks to the demon that resides within him. Or to be more precise, the demon that resides within his five-leaf clover grimoire. It is the demon that actually has the anti-magic power.

The reason why Asta is able to channel that power is because he has no magic power whatsoever. If any other human tried to wield this power, then the anti-magic will nullify the inherent magic that already exists within them. Which makes it not only useless, but also downright dangerous. This means what most people consider to be Asta’s weakness ends up becoming one of his greatest strengths.

2. Meeting The Devil Liebe

As mentioned in the previous section, the source of Asta’s anti-magic power is the devil that resides inside his grimoire, and in order to gain the power that could rival the Dark Triads, Asta has to learn a new technique called the Devil Union. This means Asta has to face the devil that has given him the power all this time, and force him into submission.

With the help of Nacht, Asta is finally able to meet the devil, and his name is Liebe. He is a nasty devil with a rotten personality. The most surprising thing, however, is the fact that he abhors other devils. He even wishes to exterminate every single one of them, especially the high-ranking ones.

This hatred stems from his past experience. When he was in hell, Liebe was always mocked and tortured by the other devils due to his zero mana. Due to sheer chance, Liebe managed to slip into the human world and meet a woman who was kind enough to take care of him.

Unfortunately, just when Liebe finally began to enjoy this peaceful life with his “mother”, a high ranking devil appeared and killed her. At the time, the tremendous amount of hatred that he felt towards the existence known as devils manifested in the form of an anti-magic power.

1. Remembering Asta’s Mother

We mentioned before about a woman who helped Liebe and considers him as her own son. Well, the woman is actually Asta’s mother, and her name is Licita. While Asta is in the process of performing Devil Union with Liebe, their memories also collide, which means Asta gets a chance to peek inside Liebe’s fond memories of Licita.

Licita herself was a positive and energetic woman. Unfortunately, Licita was born with a body that would automatically drain the mana and life force of every living thing around her. That’s why she had to live alone, far away from other people. That is also why she decided to give up her beloved son, Asta, to the church/orphanage not long after he was born. Licita was afraid that she would drain her baby’s life force and kill him.

Either it’s because Liebe had zero mana or perhaps because he was a devil, but one thing’s for sure - Licita’s power didn’t affect him at all. That is why Licita ended up taking care of Liebe just like her own son. And for a while, both of them got to enjoy their simple life together. That is until Lucifero appeared and killed her.

Although it is only for a brief moment through Liebe’s memory, Asta is grateful to him because he can finally see his own mother. Not only that, but he also knows now that his mother loved him very much and always thought about him.

Final Thoughts

Those are some of the best and most wholesome moments that happened in the Spade Kingdom Raid Arc. As expected, we get to see tons of exciting fighting scenes in this arc, meet some new and interesting characters, and also witness some interesting and heartwarming character development as well. Hopefully we can see more of these great things in the final arc of Black Clover.

Have you read or watched the Spade Kingdom Raid Arc? If you have, don’t hesitate to share some of your best moments from this arc in the comment section below.

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