6 Manga Like Black Clover [Recommendations]

In the most recent chapter of Black Clover, it was announced that the manga series is entering its final arc. It’s not really surprising given its length of tenure and the current developments of the story, but some manga fans still have mixed feelings about it – including us, of course. In order to prepare yourself for the big ending, as well as the grief of searching for another series to fill the void Black Clover will leave, here are a few manga series that share some similarities with Black Clover in no particular order.

Similar Manga to Black Clover

6. Doron Dororon

  • Mangaka: Gen Oosuka
  • Genres: Action, Supernatural
  • Volumes: November 2021 to Present
  • Published: 1+

Doron Dororon follows the story of Dora Sasaki, who aspires to become a Samurai. But when he does apply to become one, he learns that he doesn’t have a drop of supernatural energy, which is a big deal since only that can deal damage to the monsters called Mononoke. All hope is not lost for Dora, though. He fatefully meets a good-natured Mononoke named Kusanagi. The two quickly hit it off, and they decide to partner up. Kusanagi’s shapeshifting abilities make up for Dora’s lack of supernatural energy.

Similar to Asta, Dora starts at the literal bottom. While Asta has zero magic, Dora has zero supernatural energy. But that doesn’t stop both protagonists from giving their all. They’ve both honed their physical abilities to their limits, and it eventually does pay off. Their big opportunity arrives when they least expect it. They then also use their newfound power to ultimately pave the way for the realization of their dreams.

5: Mashle (Mashle: Magic and Muscles)

  • Mangaka: Hajime Komoto
  • Genres: Action, Comedy, Supernatural
  • Volumes: July 2021 to Present
  • Published: 5+

Mashle: Magic and Muscles follows the story of Mash Burnedead, a unique individual who possesses zero magic power in a world of magic and wizards. Even so, Mash does not let that bother him. He focuses on training and improving his muscles, to the point that even magic cannot parallel it. The plot takes another surprising turn when Mash is forced to enroll in a magic academy, disguising himself as a magic user, to ensure the peacefulness of his life.

Mash and Asta both share the grit to further their physical growth. They both love training and both of them also do not let their lack of magic power stop them from thriving. While Asta eventually receives a power that can rival magic, Mash solely relies on his muscles to overpower his opponents. This is where most of the series’ comedy and charm comes from, which Black Clover fans will certainly adore.

4. Edens Zero

  • Mangaka: Hiro Mashima
  • Genres: Adventure, Fantasy
  • Volumes: June 2018 to Present
  • Published: 20+

Raised by a machine on a planet filled with machines, Shiki finds himself in a serious emotional dilemma when said machines start to attack him due to a virus. Fortunately for him, that is also the moment another human, Rebecca Bluegarden, visits the planet. Even though he is initially against it, Shiki escapes the planet with Rebecca and her pet, Happy. They proceed to register Shiki as an adventurer, and thus, their galactic adventure begins.

Both Black Clover and Edens Zero feature an interesting magic system. In Black Clover, magic is used, detailed, and activated through grimoires. In Edens Zero, magic is manipulated through an element called Ether. When one manipulates Ether in Edens Zero, interesting and intricate symbols appear on their bodies. Of course, both Asta and Shiki aim to stand above everyone else in their respective fictional worlds.

Any Manga Like Black Clover ?

3. Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari (The Rising of the Shield Hero)

  • Mangaka: Aiya Kyu and Aneko Yusagi
  • Genres: Isekai, Fantasy
  • Volumes: August 2013 - Present
  • Published: 17+

Forcefully brought into a world of magic and fantasy, Naofumi Iwatani is heralded as one of the four cardinal heroes – the ritual Shield Hero. The kingdom initially shows equal support to the four heroes, even seemingly favoring the Shield Hero for his lack of allies. However, the story takes a sudden turn when his supposed ally betrays him for the sake of dragging him through the mud. Naofumi must then strive to survive in this harsh world without the help of anybody.

Similar to Asta, Naofumi has to start at the very bottom. Well, he technically doesn’t, but the interesting part of the plot only starts when he does. Both main characters have to strive to further themselves, which requires a lot of grinding and training. They both also make better friends as the story progresses, while also acquiring more powerful abilities.

2. Mahou? Sonna Koto yori Kinniku da! (Muscles are Better Than Magic!)

  • Mangaka: DORANEKO, Relucy, Kouji Onodera
  • Genres: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy
  • Volumes: May 2018 - January 2020
  • Published: 4

Instead of spiraling after learning about his lack of affinity with magic, Yuri decides to forge his own path in a rather interesting way. He starts training day in and day out in order to hone every muscle fiber in his body. He has gone beyond the point of no return and has achieved a body that’s way beyond human limits. In fact, his muscles have been refined to the point of nullifying magic itself, as well as simulating magic spells.

Muscles are Better Than Magic! shares a lot of similarities with Mashle, and logically, with Black Clover as well. It’s just way wackier than the other two manga series. Unlike Black Clover, Muscles are Better Than Magic! doesn’t take itself seriously at all. It loves dishing out outrageous jokes – mostly about muscles – and mocking its very concept. In simpler terms, it’s basically the immature youngest brother of Black Clover and Mashle.

1. Owari no Seraph (Seraph of the End)

  • Mangaka: Daisuke Furuya
  • Genres: Action-Adventure, Science Fiction, Supernatural
  • Volumes: June 2014 - Present
  • Published: 23+

Living in a world wherein vampires are terrorizing humans, Yuichiro aims to be the strongest vampire-slayer. However, the Moon Demon Company, the elite vampire-extermination organization, does not want to accept him unless he learns how to work in a team. Yuichiro then strives to prove his capabilities to them.

Both orphaned at a young age, Yuichiro and Asta hope to stand at the very top. For Yuichiro, however, being heralded as strong isn’t enough. He wishes to destroy all of the bad guys. That doesn’t make him that much different from Asta, though. Both main characters strive to be better in order to achieve their dreams. Of course, both of them are swordsmen with rather interesting weapons as well.

Final Thoughts

Black Clover has entertained us for years, but everything must come to an end. Since the manga series has announced that it’s entering its final arc, we can only brace ourselves for its impact. Nonetheless, that doesn’t mean we can’t do anything to prepare ourselves, and we hope this list has helped in that regard one way or another.

What do you think of this list? Do you think we’ve missed a manga or two? Let us know in the comment section below!

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