3 Spring 2018 Anime That Failed to Meet Expectations

With the spring anime season being over, it’s time that we take a look at all the anime and discuss our thoughts on them! From the good to the bad to the disappointing to the surprising, there were a lot of anime that really gave us different feels. Today, we’re discussing 3 spring 2018 anime that really just disappointed us. In fact, they failed to meet any expectations. If you felt the same about a few anime, read on and see which 3 anime we thought failed to meet expectations this season!

Devil’s Line

  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: April 2018 - June 2018

Tsukasa was your normal college student until one day, she is nearly attacked by a friend, long time secret admirer and devil. Coming to her aide is Anzai, a half-human half-vampire who works with the police. This is the start of their relationship together as a human and a half-vampire.

Devil’s Line started off well and had a lot of promise. However, that slowly goes down the drain as it appears evident that the writers had no idea how to make this a supernatural romance with action and a theme that suggests that the most humane may not be humans. Well, they did actually, but the writers didn’t appear to figure out how to make that mesh together to form a coherent plot, so the plot constantly switches back and forth leaving jagged seams and many plot holes at the end of its season. We think it tried to get the feel of Ajin with a josei-esque romance, but really, the producers of this anime fell flat in that regard.


  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: April 2018 - June 2018

μ has created a digital world called Mobius and has brought humans who relate to her music to this world. Inside Mobius, humans are given all of their wildest dreams including changing their appearance, life, and more. Mobius is where μ tries to grant humans happiness according to all of their wants and desires. However, is this really the right way to go?

Atlus Games has had quite a handful of great RPGs that eventually receive an anime adaptation like Persona 3. While we cannot expect all anime adaptations of video games to come close to the source material, Caligula really just misses the mark. It was a hodgepodge of many ideas rushed and jammed into a short anime so nothing could be developed fully. If you didn’t pay close enough attention, you missed important points while other details took too long to unpack. Caligula was an OK anime, and entertaining for the most part, but really, it just failed to meet expectations.

Tokyo Ghoul:re

  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: April 2018 - June 2018

It’s been two years since the events of Tokyo Ghoul Root A. Ghouls are still a problem for the CCG, but they are being more discreet as the CCG continues to grow in power. The creation of the Quinx Squad may give the CCG the power to completely eradicate the ghouls hiding in Tokyo. The Quinx Squad consists of humans with ghoul abilities thanks to the miracles of modern medicine. It is here that we have Sasaki Haise, a ghoul-human hybrid and leader of the Quinx Squad.

This may incite anger in some fans or earn some applause, but if you’re a fan of Tokyo Ghoul, you’ll have been excited for the third season, Tokyo Ghoul:re. However, Tokyo Ghoul:re completely fell apart from the get-go with it jamming many chapters into a single episode. The anime sped through the manga really quickly and as such, has left many people confused about the goings on in the anime. It’s all over the place, and to see it get unhashed so quickly and messily in 12 episodes has to be more disappointing than watching Tokyo Ghoul Root A.

Final Thoughts

With that, we conclude our list of 3 spring 2018 anime that failed to meet expectations. We had such high hopes, but I guess some hopes are met with disappointment! What do you guys think? Do you agree with some of our picks? Do you disagree with them completely? Share your thoughts down below!

Tokyo-Ghoulre-Wallpaper-1-700x494 3 Spring 2018 Anime That Failed to Meet Expectations


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