Dr. Stone Season 3 First Impressions - Senku Is Back With More Science!

It's been a couple of years since we last saw Dr. Stone. We thought that after Dr. Stone Ryuusei, we might not get another season of Dr. Stone, especially with the manga finished. Luckily and just as we hoped, we were graced with the third season of Dr. Stone!

Dr. Stone New World starts where the special episode, Dr. Stone Ryuusei, left off. After the end of the Stone Wars saga, Senku and his friends are working on their next scientific inventions to solve the one mystery that has us all thinking: who petrified humanity? They must embark on another adventure to solve this mystery as they try to survive in the world they live in now. With the help of science, of course!

With Dr. Stone back in action, we are excited to see Senku and his gang again as they strive to revive humanity. And so far, even after a year or two of not showing itself, the series hasn't disappointed us yet!

Already Straight To The Point

In some anime, after a year or so of not airing, they usually try to ease its audience back into the series, whether it's through the form of a filler episode, a special episode, or a couple of episodes or so of no action, drama, and such. Then there are anime that just went straight to the point expecting its audience to already know the series without being eased into it. Dr. Stone is the latter.

It tried to ease us back into the series at the beginning of the first episode. Still, it mainly serves to update the gang's new member, Ryuusei, on what has happened while he was petrified. Even if it's to update Ryuusei, it works well as a small refresher of what happened in previous seasons. Soon after, though (right after the season's first opening), the series went straight and dived right into the story. So, don't expect to be eased into the series if you haven't started watching it yet.

Senku And The Gang Is Back With More Science

One thing that definitely excited us was the return of Senku and his crew from the Kingdom of Science. Senku is back with more scientific talks and inventions!

Just as in previous seasons, the new season of Dr. Stone has introduced us to more recent and outrageous ideas and inventions. The series didn't even give us some time to prepare ourselves for all the science stuff mentally. Just as with the story, Dr. Stone went straight to all the science talks as soon as the first episode began. This time, though, we are starting to see more inventions, such as the industrial revolution, created in the later part of civilization. We were surprised about it! We didn't expect them to be already able to invent and talk about the science in that part of history, either.

Does this mean we will get to see more modern technology? Maybe. At least we might see more inventions and ideas created during the industrial revolution. If we used our knowledge about the industrial revolution, things might get complicated for Senku and the gang, but we are excited to see how they will handle them in the era they are in.

Getting Into More Science Through Food

As we have always seen in the series, one of Dr. Stone's central themes is science. It's not just one type of science too! This time we are getting into one kind of science essential to civilization: Food! Senku and the gang finally evolved from being hunters and gatherers to being agricultural and making their food through a type of science known as food science. During the first few episodes, the series started to show and teach us about the science of food, from agriculture to making bread. Will we get to see more food science? Possibly. One thing is sure; having this one type of science opens up more possibilities for seeing other types of science in the series.

Still The Same Dr. Stone As Ever

One thing that we do appreciate about Dr. Stone is that everything that makes this anime great is kept the same. Not once did the tone that they set up for Dr. Stone since the first season faltered, and the quality of the animation did not go down the slightest. The pacing of the episodes was also just right for us.

While they haven't gone exploring other places yet, the excitement for adventure is still there and just as high as in previous seasons as the gang continues their science endeavors. The comedy aspect of Dr. Stone was also kept the same, which we greatly appreciate. Senku's ideas can be so outrageous that sometimes we don't know how to express our thoughts about it ourselves. Luckily, the other cast felt the same. Not only are they there to help us express our views on Senku's ideas, but it also helps keep things funny and interesting.

Final Thoughts

Dr. Stone is back with a third season with more science than ever! Nothing has changed since we last saw Dr. Stone; in fact, it just went and took us straight into Senku and the gang's scientific adventures without a refresher. They even hit us with many science inventions and lessons before we could mentally prepare ourselves.

There is still so much to learn and mysteries to solve, though, including the mystery of a being called "Why-man" and the petrification of humanity. Will we find out the mystery of this "Why-man"? We will have to wait and see where this season takes us.

Are any of you watching Dr. Stone New World? What have you thought of the new season so far? Are there any inventions that surprised you or you were hoping to see? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

by Gerrymelyn “Lyn”