3D Kanojo (Real Girl) Anime Announced!

What You Need to Know:

  • In a rather different turn of events, the popular manga series 3D Kanojo (Real Girl) has announced after being tapped for a live action movie due out in 2018, the series will also be getting an anime adaptation in 2018! 3D Girl is also known as Three D Kanojo according to the official website. It is drawn by Mao Nanami and debuted in July 2011 before arriving at a closing in 2016.
  • The live action movie will debut some time this year and just about everything regarding it has been kept under wraps.
  • The series will focuses on Hikari, a third-year high school student who is, for all intents and purposes, an otaku. As long as he has his waifus from games and anime, he can continue on living by himself. However, transcendental 3D (aka real) girl Iroha suddently consessed her feelings for him and they start dating. While having his life shaken up by uninhibited Iroha, Hikari starts to fall for her. Is Hikari who is satisfied with his life about to turn over a new leaf?

Source: Official Manga Site

honeys anime character
This seems a bit like Sangatsu no Lion where someone comes into the life of someone shut off.

honeys anime character
This looks cute!