5 Adoring Anime Husbands That Show Their Love in Uncommon Ways

Marriage in the anime world can be quite different than in the real world. Not only do couples need to endure trials that range from incurable diseases but also being trapped in death games and trying to survive! That’s why if you are going to be in an anime marriage you need to have a strong husband that will prove their love despite the challenges they will face. Our amazing team at Honey’s Anime went to work finding the best anime hubbies out there and we think you folks will love this list and be truly blown away by these men and their amazing talents!

5. Masumi Nishijima from Mirai Nikki (Future Diary)

Being a police officer and a lover can be daunting in the real world. It can be even harder in anime worlds where people with strange powers exist like that of Mirai Nikki. Masumi Nishijima is the perfect example of having it rough as he falls in love with a woman who also happens to be a criminal with explosive powers! Minene Uryuu and Masumi battle it out several times in the series but eventually the two tie the knot and become husband and wife! Despite her chaotic background and his law-abiding one, Masumi shows his wife love to the point the two have several children and continue to stay together in an odd, altered world. We have to give Masumi props that even death wasn’t enough to keep this dude from loving his wife in a different world/time.

4. Andrew Gilbert Mills from Sword Art Online

Like many players of the infamous Sword Art Online, Andrew Gilbert Mills—better known by his username Agil—was trapped within the game of death. Even facing death, Agil fought alongside Kirito and his fellow warriors to reach the 100th floor of Aincrad and see his wife—Trish—again and rejoin the real world. Agil would be crucial to the survival of other warriors in SAO by providing various wares throughout their journey but we admired his desire to return to Trish and once again be the husband she needed. We here at Honey’s Anime admire a man willing to fight for his wife like Agil did time after time in Sword Art Online.

3. Sora Mizusawa from Osake wa Fuufu ni Natte kara (Love Is Like a Cocktail)

A common misconception in a marriage is that the wife needs to be the caretaker and responsible for all housework. In the world of Osake wa Fuufu ni Natte kara, Chisato Mizusawa is the primary breadwinner while Sora Mizusawa takes care of the housework and also is a bartender making him quite the husband. Chisato tends to be extremely shy and serious when she works but with just the right drink mixes from her loving husband, our tough girl becomes cute and quite relaxed. Sora wants his wife to be happy and relaxed and with his skills he tries his best to do just that for her. Way to be a true man Sora!

2. Tomoya Okazaki from Clannad: After Story

Protagonist Tomoya Okazaki struggled in the world of Clannad trying to not only help those around him but help his sick girlfriend—Nagisa Furukawa—that eventually would become his wife. Poor and straight out of school, Tomoya wastes no time trying to be the ultimate husband to Nagisa by getting a job as an electrician and showing his wife what a husband should be. Tomoya has a tough time as a young husband but he grows and shows his strength in Clannad numerous times.

1. Gohan from Dragon Ball Super

Goku as a husband is—to be blunt—kind of awful. Not only does the fighting crazed hero care less about being a responsible dad but he tends to leave his wife alone for long spells while he saves the world and fights aliens/assassins and other warriors. In stark contrast, Gohan is anything but a bad husband when he ends up marrying Mr. Satan’s daughter Videl. Despite once being the ultimate warrior who even surpassed his father once before, Gohan gives up his martial arts days and focuses on being a husband to Videl and a good father for their child Pan. Gohan does eventually train to participate in the Tournament of Power but that never removes the husband moniker from him and he deserves keeping that title for his amazing feats as a hubby.

Final Thoughts

A good husband can be quite difficult to find in the world of anime but we think we found the best of the best. Do you feel we nailed our list or are their better anime husbands out there? Comment below to let us know! For even more anime lists like this one keep close to our amazing hive here at Honey’s Anime!

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