5 Caring and Loving Wives in Anime That Anyone Would Be Lucky to Have

There are many anime worlds where a man needs a good wife to aid in his various endeavors. These women we chose are the prime definition of what a wife should be—at least in the anime world—as they love their husbands and protect them…albeit in their own unique ways. They might go about showing their “love” in crazed ways but they still care about their husbands and tend to go through a lot to keep them happy and healthy. Time for a list of anime wives to make you guys and girls jealous you can’t call them your own!

5. Izumi Curtis from Fullmetal Alchemist

When the Elric brothers—Alphonse and Edward—needed to become the amazing alchemists they would inevitably become, they went to one teacher who also happened to be an amazing wife. Izumi Curtis—married to Sig Curtis—might be brash, rude, tough and a tad scary but when it comes to her hubby this woman shows her undying love. Even when the couple lost their only child to a stillbirth, Izumi didn’t abandon Sig and the two tried to make their lives continue despite the heavy blow. Izumi would end up with the inability to conceive children due to a failed attempt at reviving her child but despite this, Sig and her continued to be a great couple through the series of Fullmetal Alchemist.

4. Kaoru Tsunashi from Danna ga Nani wo Itteiru ka Wakaranai ken (I Can’t Understand What My Husband Is Saying)

Those who date otaku—and aren’t otaku themselves—know the occasional challenges of trying to understand their significant other. Often, you’ll find yourself confused by their love of 2D girls and/or desire to own hundreds of statues/figures. Kaoru Tsunashi earns a place on our list of amazing wives as she is married to Hajime Tsunashi and he can be quite the oddball due to his otaku ways. Despite Kaoru being a business woman who barely understands her husband’s hobby, she still sticks close to him and always tries to show him what a good wife is supposed to be. The two even have a child together and while that leads to a whole new list of problems for the pair, Kaoru stays strong and shows what a tough wife needs to do for love.

3. Mizuho Kazami from Onegai Teacher (Please Teacher)

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Part Alien and part human, Mizuho Kazami came to planet Earth to try and see the home her father hailed from. While it was meant to be a quiet mission, Mizuho ends up being outed as an alien by her student—soon to be husband—Kei Kusanagi—and their relationship begins on a rather odd platform. While both Kei and Mizuho aren’t the best couple in the onset, Mizuho begins to finally learn how to be both a good teacher and wife to Kei. Mizuho can be a bit of a kid internally but when she looks out for her husband, she makes sure the human is her priority number one.

2. Bulma from Dragon Ball Super

Throughout the Dragon Ball series many would expect Bulma to be far from the perfect wife thanks in large part to her bad temper and over fascination with science/selfishness. In the later part of Dragon Ball Z, Bulma does settle down and ends up with Vegeta who seems to be the oddest partner she could nab. Despite the anger and rage unleashed by Vegeta, Bulma seems to still love this hard headed warrior prince and shows that love quite often in Dragon Ball Super. Not only does she make him a new armor set but Bulma even cares when he ends up hurt from his numerous battles. Bulma maybe wasn’t the best wife material in the earlier days of Dragon Ball but in Super, she has evolved into a great wife and has definitely changed our prideful warrior into a calmer soul.

1. Aoi Sakuraba from Ai Yori Aoshi

Arranged marriages are considered quite strange in Western culture but they do happen quite often in other parts of the world. Usually, these relationships can be quite hard to deal with due to the couple just not being compatible or not having similar lifestyles. Luckily for Hanabishi Kaoru he happened to get a wife who not only is a real cutie but was his childhood friend for many years prior! Aoi Sakuraba ends up paired with Hanabishi and quickly shows her affinity for loving her new husband by doing everything expected from a housewife. Count your blessings if you ever find a wife like Aoi, you’ll be loved daily and shown what it means to have the perfect wife.

Final Thoughts

The world of anime has produced some truly incredible women who in turn would become even better wives. Some of these ladies can be quite rough in various ways but their loyalty to loving their husbands is truly amazing. Do you folks have any anime wives that should have made our list? Comment below to let us know! For even more anime lists and articles keep stuck to our amazing hive here at Honey’s Anime!

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