[Honey's Crush Wednesday] 5 Akira Kougami Highlights – Nil Admirari no Tenbin (The Scales of Nil Admirari ~The Mysterious Story of Teito~)

Damn it, you’re way too trusting!

  • Episodes : 12
  • Genre : Fantasy, Historical, Romance
  • Airing Date : April 2018 – July 2018
  • Studios : Zero-G

Contains Spoilers

Nil Admirari no Tenbin Preview (No Spoilers)

Tsugumi Kuze’s younger brother attempts to commit suicide by self-immolation after she tells him that she's become engaged to help protect her family from financial ruin. The Imperial Library Intelligence Asset Management Bureau, also known as Fukurou, informs Tsugumi that her brother tried to commit suicide because he read a Japanese-style book called a Cursed Tome. They discover that Tsugumi now has the power to recognize these Cursed Tomes because of the aura they emit and convince her to join them. Together, the Fukurou will aim to uncover the mystery behind the Cursed Tomes.

Akira Kougami Highlights (Spoilers Beyond This Point)

1. He is the Silent Type

Akira Kougami is introduced in the first episode of Nil Admirari no Tenbin alongside Hayato Ozaki, another member of the Fukurou. They’re contrasted with one another immediately. Visually, Hayato wears his coat open, has black hair, and tends to lead the conversation; however, Akira has his uniform buttoned-up, white hair, and only chips in to add information or rein Hayato in when he gets ahead of himself. We do get to see Akira let his emotions loose as his character develops, and we eventually get to see him open up both literally, by opening up his dress shirt, and figuratively, by revealing his identity.

2. He’s a Sucker for a Good Movie

We discover Akira’s off-duty hobby is going to the movies on his own when he runs into Tsugumi just before the airing of a drama and Akira agrees to see the movie with her when they discover that there is only couples’ seating left. Tsugumi is shocked to see Akira tearing up at the end of the movie considering his typically cold demeanor. He later admits that he’s hopeless when it comes to emotional moments and he gets easily invested.

3. His Friendship with Hayato

Although Akira keeps to himself for most of the series, we get a glimpse at his friendship with Hayato from the very first episode when they investigate the Cursed Tome linked to the suicide of Tsugumi’s younger brother. The best demonstration of their friendship comes on episode 10, when they work together to overcome the Karasu and save Tsugumi; it was as if Akira had never betrayed the Fukurou. After they finally put a stop to the Karasu, Hayato and Akira exchange punches and renew their friendship where they left off.

4. He Stands up for Tsugumi

Takashi Shiginuma, the head of the Karasu, reveals that there is a Karasu mole in the Fukurou and threatens to hurt the people closest to Tsugumi if she does not join him. When Tsugumi tells Akira of her encounter with Takashi, Akira immediately unveils that he is the mole in Fukurou. Despite the friendship Akira had built up with Hayato or the danger he was putting the Fukurou in by betraying them, it was only his budding love for Tsugumi that put an end to his life as a mole. He returns to the Karasu to confront Takashi and to stop him from hurting Akira. Unfortunately for Akira, it doesn’t work out for him on his first try and Takashi is able to capture and imprison him.

5. Fear of Blood and Overcoming It

Tsugumi accidentally cuts herself trying to clean up a glass she dropped and the blood brings up a trauma from Akira’s own past. We come to discover that Akira has a blood phobia, and it’s what causes him to lose to Takashi the first time he confronts him after hearing of his threat to Tsugumi. He gets another chance at confronting Takashi when he’s motivated to escape by the turmoil going on in Takashi’s palace. Although Takashi causes him to bleed again, this time, he’s able to will himself over his fear thanks to his desire to protect Tsugumi and manages to defeat Takashi.

Final Thoughts

In a show where Akira had to compete with a dozen other characters for the affection of Tsugumi, he stood out from the rest of the pack. Akira tearing up at a movie was a welcome twist to the typically emotionally distant characters we get when we’re given silent types. Was Akira your favorite Nil Admirari no Tenbin character? and if so, what was your favorite moment of his? Let us know in the comments down below!

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