5 Anime Husbandos We're Already Simping For This Summer

Now that we’re a little ways into the Summer 2021 anime season, it’s time to take a very close look at the beautiful men who make the anime world just a little bit brighter every day. This time we have a solid mix of muscular sporty types, proper dandies, and even futuristic police. Let’s start our countdown of the best summer 2021 husbandos that we’re already simping for!

Minor Spoilers for My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom! X!

5. Takuya Kuroki from Night Head 2041

Takuya, a new character for this iteration of the Night Head series along with his brother Yuuya, serves as an elite member of the special police force dedicated to apprehending thought criminals. While his job may not be enviable (he does get better once he realizes how corrupt the system is), he sure looks good doing it. His long strawberry blonde hair contrasts nicely against his futuristic black uniform with strategic cutouts around the neck and customized color splashes throughout. Even though everyone else in the squad rocks essentially the same outfit, Takuya definitely pulls it off the best.

4. Uramichi Omota from Uramichi Oniisan (Life Lessons with Uramichi-Oniisan)

Sure, Uramichi is an attractive and physically fit guy, but that’s not the main reason why we adore him. It’s really because he channels his constant state of burnout into the most hilarious “this is fine” act we’ve ever seen! In his job as a children’s TV show host, Uramichi lets the kids in on harsh truths of life and bullies his costumed kouhais into submitting to his will, one pained smile at a time. We wish we could take him to a spa and let him forget about his worries for a while...

3. Jou Joujima from Re-Main

Jou Joujima spent a full year as the one and only member of the school’s water polo team, practicing on his own and wishing to recruit a full seven-player roster one day. Even though water polo is such a minor sport, he goes around to every class on the first day and campaigns for new members with the passion of a die-hard fanatic and the jovial attitude of a camp counselor. We love this boy and his big fluffy hair so much—let’s hope that the team actually improves enough for them to win a game every now and then!

2. Sora Smith/Rufus Brode from Otome Game no Hametsu Flag shika Nai Akuyaku Reijou ni Tensei shiteshimatta... X (My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom! X)

My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom is already full to bursting with top-tier waifus and husbandos, so it’s difficult to stand out among greats like Maria or Alan or even Catarina herself. But Sora Smith, initially undercover as Rufus the butler, is closing in on the title of best boy already! This tall drink of water had a very rough life growing up and serves as an antagonist for the first few episodes of the season, but after Catarina treats him kindly, he softens up and his sinister grin turns into a genuine one. We’re looking forward to seeing how he fits into the harem dynamic!

1. Vanitas and Noé from Vanitas no Carte (The Case Study of Vanitas)

A charismatic doctor with a flair for the dramatic and the sweet, but haunted vampire who keeps him in check... we just couldn’t choose between them! Vanitas and Noé are both extremely simp-worthy husbandos from The Case Study of Vanitas, a visually stunning steampunk fantasy anime that takes every opportunity it can get away with to show how gorgeous its characters are. But even without the precisely detailed animation on Noé’s adorable smile or Vanitas’ fabulous poses, we would still love these two for their vitriolic friendship that gradually evolves into mutual respect over the many adventures they share together.

Final Thoughts

What did you think of our gallery of hunks? Can you think of any other husbandos from this season that we forgot? Let us know in the comments, and thanks so much for reading!

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