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A beautiful rose has thorns!

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  • Episodes: PS4, PS3
  • Genre: Atlus (JP), Atlus USA, Deep Silver (PAL)
  • Airing Date: Atlus
  • Producers: Sept 15, 2016

Persona 5 Preview (No Spoilers)

A young man had been wrongfully convicted of a crime and has been sent away to reflect on his actions in the city of Tokyo. While the young man plans on just trying to get through his new school life and avoid any more trouble during his probation, a strange event will change his life as well as several others’ forever. Finding himself with a strange power that allows him to not only transport into the troubled hearts of others, he can also summon powerful forces known as Persona. The young man and his new companions/friends don the name of Phantom Thieves of Hearts and plan to utilize their new skill set to take down the troubled people of Japan and right the wrongs others can’t. However, with evil forces rising and a dark entity looming in the shadows, the Phantom Thieves of Hearts are about to enter a battle that will test them to the very core…

Ann Takamaki Bio

Seiyuu Name: Nana Mizuki (Erika Harlacher)

Ann Takamaki, at first glance, might fool people into thinking she’s just another high school girl with good looks and cliché themes, but behind her incredible looks lies a true Persona User. Ann is quick to help her friends who need her and is usually very composed when things go south. While inside of people’s hearts, Ann become Panther, a Phantom Thief who wears a tight red catsuit and is equipped with a cat-like mask. Ann’s weapons of choice are a whip and Submachine Gun all while using the Persona known as Carmen. With quick movements and cat-like reflexes, Ann is the more agile female member of the Phantom Thieves of Hearts. As most of the people who know Ann would say, if you mess with her, be prepared to face some harsh punishments.

Ann Takamaki Highlights

1. Cute but deadly

It’s important to note with girls like Ann Takamaki, cute looks can be deceiving. Sure, when Ann isn’t in combat, she can be as cute as a button and be willing to hang out just like any other high school girl. Ann can take jokes and dish them back out as she typically does with her friends like Ryuji Sakamoto. However, if you hurt Ann’s friends or attempt to hurt her, you’re in for a rude awakening. Ann Takamaki is a panther through and through and we have the evidence to prove it.

There are several moments in Persona 5 that Ann shows her tougher self. One of the most important is when Ann learns that her friend—Shiho—fell victim to Suguru Kamoshida’s sexual attacks, Ann was quick to get angry and this was even before she had the power of Persona. In terms of her cuter side, Ann’s confidant events show a girl who is suffering from failing Shiho and all the while is trying to regain confidence in herself. This is when we see Ann removing her mask of strength and showing she’s just another cute girl who wishes to prevail in the world with her own strength. Ann might be deadly but as long as you don’t overstep your boundaries, you’ll see she’s a cute girl and not scary at all.

2. Risk Taker

While we aren’t models here at Honey’s Anime, we understand the tough challenges being a model presents. Not only must you show off your body to strangers but you must also take risks to show off to others. Ann Takamaki faces this dilemma several times in the story of Persona 5. While some come off as funny, others come off as risqué.

Early in the game, we are introduced to a future Persona user by the name of Yusuke Kitagawa a painter with a lack of a muse. Intoxicated by Ann, Yusuke begs for her to pose for his future painting. However, the catch here is Yusuke wants Ann to pose nude. While the Phantom Thieves know Yusuke’s friendship and approval will help them get into a corrupted heart, Ann is hesitant, but willing to take one for the team, she does this by wearing layers of clothes and ends up just acting as a decoy for the team to slip into the studio. Needless to say, Ann is willing to take some risks, though she isn’t foolish about how to handle the various risks when they arise.

3. Battle Ready

The Phantom Thieves all have their signature weapons in combat. The main protagonist uses daggers, Yusuke uses swords and Ryuji relies on bats. Though for Ann, she uses Whips and Submachine Guns. Ironically enough Ann’s first primary Persona—Carmen—uses a Whip, as well. It’s important to note these weapons aren’t just for appearance but are handled by Ann with deadly efficiency.

When players first take control of Ann, they will notice that her speed makes her a deadly asset in battle. Typically, Ann’s stats for agility are higher than her comrades—at first—making her hard to hit and usually able to land critical hits on tougher enemies. With Carmen, Ann also acts as the first major healer of the group and that makes her good for not just attacking but providing some much-needed restoration during the first few Palaces players will transverse. Ann might join the battle later than her friend Ryuji, Morgana and the main character but she comes into battle all too ready to kick some butt.

4. Trendy and fashionable

As we mentioned earlier, Ann is trying to be a model. That’s why it’s not surprising that Ann Takamaki’s wardrobe is both cute but fashionable. This doesn’t just apply to her normal school attire but everything from her hang out clothes to the clothes Ann wears in combat. Let us examine Ann’s clothes a bit more closely. Though we swear this is for research purposes and nothing more.

Outside of the normal school attire, Ann usually rocks her long red tights, brown boots and a white variety hoodie. In battle, Ann gains a red form fitting catsuit, red panther-like mask and dark red boots. It’s easy to see that Ann’s inner self wishes to keep her looks both fashion orientated but battle accessible. To sum it all up, Ann knows just the right attire to make her look gorgeous and we’re sure we’re not the only ones who believe this here at Honey’s Anime.

5. Can hang with the boys

Most girls like Ann, if we’re being honest, wouldn’t want to damage their looks by hanging out with the guys in their daily activities. However, this doesn’t apply to our girl Ann Takamaki. Quick to chill with the boys in whatever they are doing currently, Ann is quite flexible in how she relaxes. We feel that some of you other may be doubting us a bit here at Honey’s Anime and that’s okay. As always let us prove that Ann Takamaki can hang with the boys no matter what.

There are several events that show Ann’s more relaxed side despite her model-like appearance. One of the funniest but important pieces of evidence comes in the form of Ryuji’s confidant events which has him and the protagonist working out at the gym. Ann, at one point, gets invited to join and shows off that she’s quite strong despite her looks. Another example comes in the form of the writers for Ann talking about her likes and dislikes. The writers of Ann Takamaki state that Ann loves to watch TV and is often found playing video games. While in this day and age, there are a growing number of girls who play video games, it still is a male dominated space and thus it’s cool to see Ann appreciate playing a video game or two. What this all boils down to is that Ann isn’t afraid to show a more tomboyish appearance around her friends and loved ones. This really makes us happy here at Honey’s Anime and we’re pretty sure a lot of people reading this are now even more in love with Ann, which we can’t blame you for in the slightest.

Final Thoughts

Persona 5 has numerous female leads but very few can touch Ann Takamaki. Not only does Ann look incredible but her skills with leave you breathless. Ann’s job is to steal the hearts of those corrupted but she stole our kind hearts here at Honey’s Anime. Now that we have spent some time talking about Ann Takamaki we open the floor to you in the comments below. Is Ann one of your favorite girls of Persona 5 or does your heart belong to another? If you loved our article, our site here at Honey’s Anime has even more for you to read and enjoy on your own time.

Ann-Takamaki-Persona-5-the-Animation-Wallpaper-500x500 [Honey's Crush Wednesday] 5 Ann Takamaki Highlights - Persona 5


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