5 Best Moments from Shingeki no Bahamut: Genesis


Gods and demons, mortals and angels, all mingled together in the fantasy world of Mistarcia.

With the finale of this show finally aired and the conclusion fans had been waiting to see (with a sexy twist), I think we should take a look at the best moments from Rage of Bahamut!

If you haven’t finished the show be wary, there’s more than a few spoilers in here.

The Opening

I would be remiss to not include the two minute opening scene where the gods and demons battle Bahamut himself. In one of the best opening scenes I have personally seen, we start off with Bahamut doing what it does best: destroying absolutely everything in its wake. The demons and the gods work together in an attempt to bring the beast to heel with humans fleeing the scene to escape the complete destruction they stand no chance against.

Zeus summons a holy warrior, a massive man on an even more massive horse, and the demons summoning a dark, winged humanoid type thing. We see through the eyes of the human king that even those may not be enough as complete destruction follows in the wake as he stands there in utter shock and awe.

The Introduction of Amira’s Power

In the very first episode we see Favaro bragging in a local tavern on how he’s travelling to Helheim when Amira overhears. Favaro soon leaves the tavern when he gets found by Kaiser and encounters Amira for the first time. At first he thinks she’s just a normal human girl, so he continues to brag on how he knows a shortcut and can get her there, for a kiss (maybe more).

They soon realize they’re not alone, and an earlier bounties brother shows up to kill Favaro in revenge. Favaro finds himself in a predicament when a 3 story tall massive demon is summoned and loses his sword; this is when Amira steps in to save the day. She goes demon mode and completely wipes the floor with the massive demon, stopping a powerful punch with a single hand!

Holy Knights vs. Amira

AmiraHoly Knights

This was one of the funniest moments in the show and the most defining in terms of Amira’s power. The Holy Knights chase her down at the instruction of Favaro, who decided to sell her out and hopefully avoid the wrath of a demon. The Knights finally catch up to where she’s at and the chase begins, eventually they catch up to her and begin attempting to capture or kill her.

Amira goes into her demon form, the completely badass and oh so sexy image of what one could imagine a female demon to look like and just stands there taking every attack the Knights throw her way. Favaro arrives to interrupt the Knights and carries her away, only for her to say “it tickles!”


Episode: 2 “Escape of Levian”

Favaro and Kaiser vs. Azazel


One of the best fights of the show, beginning with Favaro claiming to have killed Kaisers father instead of Azazel to give the man something to live for and telling him to run. Kaiser takes off and the battle between Favaro and the Fallen Angel begins. Soon enough it’s obvious Favaro is on the ropes, possibly about to die, when Kaiser returns with some weapons!

They work together to survive the encounter, and even manage to impale Azazel! Just a single moment after thinking they won, Azazel blasts them outside, letting them know human weapons cannot kill him. Kaiser prepares to sacrifice himself to defeat the Fallen as he realizes Jeanne d’Arc is charging up an attack to be rid of Azazel once and for all and charges forth in a distraction. As Kaiser is falling a shining light appears behind him and hits Azazel, the blast from Jeanne, forcing him to flee or be killed!


Episode: 7 “Anatae, Part 2: The Storm Rages”

Favaro vs. Kaiser End

The end fight between Darth Favaro and Kaiser was one of the top fights in the series, for more than just the fight! The two go at it to kill, Kaiser fighting because Favaro sacrificed his humanity to join the demons after they managed to capture Amira. Belzebuth vanquished from his attempt to control Bahamut and Martinet watching the fight take place in amusement, the scene is dark and has a very morbid feel to it.

Favaro manages to completely cut off Kaiser’s hand! As it flies through the air and lands, Favaro grabs it and tosses it to Martinet as tribute, right as Kaiser casts the spell to capture the demon! With the twist that they were working together in the fight the entire time to capture the demon and the understanding that Kaiser would lose his hand in the process, this was one of the best twists I’ve seen come from this show.


Episode: 12 “Rage of Bahamut”

That wraps us up for the 5 best moments from Shingeki no Bahamut: Genesis!
If you have any other opinions or another scene to add, leave the details in the comments section below!

by Nathaniel Loomis

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